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Are You An Elder Or Old?


(Psalms 92:13-14) “Planted in the LORD’s Temple, they will flourish in the courtyard of our God. They will still bear fruit even in old age; they will be luxuriant and green.”

(Deuteronomy 34:7) “Moses was 120 years old when he died. His eyesight wasn’t impaired and he was still vigorous and strong.”

(Joshua 14:14) “Therefore Hebron became the inheritance of Jephunneh the Kenizzite’s son Caleb, and it remains so today, because he fully followed the LORD God of Israel.”



Face it! No one likes to be called old as it indirectly says that you are basically not of much use or out of fashion for what this modern society needs. However, being called an Elder in the church says that even if you might be of an advanced age, you are still respected, and valuable, and can impact modern society with good values. I know many of the elderly, even within the church, who live alone and rejected by their families. Sure, many of them are of a difficult character and brought this upon themselves, but this is not God´s plan for those who are faithful to Him.

Don’t ever give up serving Jesus, just because people don’t value you, or you don’t value yourself. Moses was 80 years old when he led over 3 million Hebrews free from Egyptian slavery. After wandering with them for 40 years in the desert, he finally led them to the borders of the Promise land at the age of 120. In Joshua 14 we read about Caleb who at the age of 85 said he could still go to battle and return victorious. He demanded a mountain inhabited by enemies as his inheritance, and he got it trusting that God would expel the enemy as God had promised.

God thrives in making sure that the old and rejected are used for His glory. This way He shows His power, wisdom, and fruitfulness in us. Your friends and family might put you aside in your old age, but if you have been faithful to live a life submitted to God, you will be called an Elder and valued till your dying day. And your children will actually value and enjoy the legacy and inheritance God gave you for your obedience. Ask yourself, “do I want to be a burden (old) or an asset (elder)?

Daniel DelVecchio, an American missionary born in 1932, founder of one of the largest Christian drug rehabilitation programs in Europe (Remar), a pioneer for the teachings on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in Spain, and author of many books, is still traveling the country preaching after having 10 stents placed in his arteries.

(“Picasso, a painter, produced some of his greatest works at the age of 90. Arthur Rubenstein, a classical pianist, gave one of his greatest recitals at 89 years old. Marjorie Stoneham Douglas, who is credited with saving the Everglades, was still fighting for the cause at the age of 100. Live with all your might until the flame goes out!”-Bob Gass.)



We need to surrender to Christ if we want to be fruitful and used by Him even in our old age.




• Jesus, You are the Bread from heaven, the Bread of life, the River of life.
• Thank You, Lord, that You strengthen us in our old age and continue to make us fruitful in our old age.
• Thank You that You give us wisdom to pass on to the next generation.
• Forgive us for, at times, not wanting to grow or being difficult and stubborn.
• Forgive us for not understanding that we have a responsibility to this next generation.
• We declare that you are now strengthening us, adding years to our lives, and giving us the fruits of our labor.
• We declare that we will see and enjoy the fruits of our faithfulness to Your Word.
• Give us the faith, stamina, and determination of Caleb to declare that the inheritance You have promised to us is ours and for our children to enjoy.
• We ask you today, “give me my mountain, and drive out the enemy as You have promised”.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty name. Amen

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