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Start To Bless Your Children


(Genesis 27:34-35) “When Esau realized what his father Isaac was saying, he began to wail out loud bitterly. ‘Bless me,’ he cried, ‘even me, too, my father!’ Isaac replied, ‘Your brother came here deceitfully and stole your blessing.’

(Genesis 32:26) “and said, ‘Let me go, because the dawn has come.’ ‘I won’t let you go,’ Jacob replied, ‘unless you bless me.’

(Genesis 12:3) “I’ll bless those who bless you, but I’ll curse the one who curses you, and through you all the people of the earth will be blessed.”



If you are a parent, you have no idea how much authority you have over your children in the Spiritual. Every word you speak will mold your children either to do great things or it will help destroy their lives and all those around them. Not only what words you speak to them, but also how you treat others. Because they are constantly around you, they have no choice but to soak in your words and imitate your actions. Those words can be either blessings or curses, it’s entirely up to you.

In order for the blessing to work, you have to be serious about everything that comes out of your mouth. You have to be someone of integrity, where “No” means “No” and nothing will move your decision. If you are a joker constantly trying to entertain your children to be on their good side instead of guiding them in God’s Word, then when you bless them, your words won’t carry much value as, once again, you are always kidding. It’s just like the promises in the Bible, each one of them is a blessing. They are true, and God is true, but if you have no faith in them, or in God, then they will be of no benefit to you.

In the Bible, we see over and over again how parents laid hands on their children and spoke blessings over them. This had such a positive effect that the children would go to any extent to get blessed by their parents, by God, or even by a prophet. Jacob tricked his brother Esau into surrendering his birthright to him as the firstborn. This was done by also tricking their father, Isaac to bless him on his deathbed instead of Esau. Jacob wrestled all night with the angel of God until he got a blessing. Elisha did not leave the prophet Elijah for one second so as not to miss the blessing of the double anointing Elisha had asked for.

Some years ago after a church service, a new member came and asked for prayer and knelt in front of me. This was the first time I was honored in such a way, and I realized that day the anointing and authority I carry as a Pastor. His faith in the words that came out of my mouth as a blessing gave me the confidence to pray and bless him in a way I had never done before. Since that day, I have never prayed for someone without believing that their life will never be the same.



If you are a disciple of Jesus, every time you say “God Bless You”, you are opening the gates of heaven for that person. Believe it! Start walking in that God-given authority! Every word that comes out of your mouth shakes the spiritual realm.




• Father in heaven You are perfect; He who is perfect in knowledge; Light of the world; The true light; The light that enlightens every man; Light to the nations.
• Thank You, Father, for the power and authority our words carry in the spiritual.
• Thank You, for Your promises that can be spoken over our children as a blessing.
• Forgive us for cursing our children out of frustration, instead of blessing them.
• Forgive us for choosing to ignore Your ways so as to feel accepted by our children.
• Give us the boldness to act as Parents and guardians instead of as simply colleagues or friends with our children.
• Teach us how to be a good example for the next generation of your love, kindness, and compassion with all those we meet.
• May our children receive the best from us and never lack any good thing according to Your Word.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen

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