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Karma 2 Christ Ministries
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Who We Are

My name is Pastor Mahesh Devidas Shivnani and I am currently serving as a Missionary Pastor in Southern Spain alongside my wife Sunanda Jetho Daryanani. 

Both my wife and I came out of Hinduism over 20 years ago and embraced salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone (not in works or penitence or religious traditions). God baptized us in the Holy Spirit, trained and prepared us separately for the ministry until, eventually, we met online in 2012 and got married in 2014. 
Due to our multicultural background, we are able to minister in English, Spanish, Hindi and Sindhi. 

Our Mission

Our main calling is to reach out to the thousands of Sindhis and other Hindu groups in Spain, as well as International English-speaking residents around the world through social media.  That is why we do all our ministry online, and most of our teachings are simple and evangelistic in nature.

Our vision is to reach out to the Lost sheep that will probably never go to a Church meeting and to those that might have become cold in their walk with Christ and have a hard time returning to Him.  We are always looking for new disciples that we can train who are willing to branch out and establish online churches in their own country. Our goal is to be a Multisite Church. 

Our Vision 


  • Septermber 2015

    Our First Calling

    We served for a season under the Redeemed Christian Church of God Ministries as an international church in Gibraltar. We were able to reach out to the vast Hindu community there with the love of Christ and some of them witnessed miracles of deliverance and healing. 

    As we lived accross the border in Spain, we were also able to minister through Spanish churches and families in the area. 

    In this video we are seen taking part in an Anti-Abortion campaign held in Gibraltar. 
    (Septermber 2015 – March 2019).

  • 2018

    Visit to the Discipleship Farm in Antequera.

    Visit to the Discipleship Farm in Antequera.

    My wife and I had a blessed time with Apostle DelVecchio and received prayer, encouragement, and counseling for the work ahead of us.

    In this Discipleship Center the future generations of pastors and missionaries are trained and sent accorss the world.  They work and live off the land, in a Chrsitian community, and depend on God’s provision and guidance to further His kingdom.  Though it started off as a rehabilitation center for drugaddicts, which is still one of it’s main services, it caters as well to those that want to learn how to serve in the ministry. 

    This is the Apostolic Ministry I trained under for the work God had chosen me for before I got married and later started pastoring in Gibraltar. 

  • November 2018

    Evangelical Community Church

    Evangelical Community Church

    While still pastoring our church in Gibraltar, in 2018 we were asked to pastor under the ministry of  Apostle Daniel DelVecchio in the international congregation of Torremolinos, Malaga.
    This is the Church where I started serving when I decided to enter the calling into ministry.  I was involved both in the morning international service, as well as the local Spanish service held in the evenings.  
    It was a much waited project to add to our current responsibilities as I grew up in Torremolinos and had already served in this church for 7 years. 

  • June 2020

    Online Ministry

    Online Ministry

    We were led  by the Holy Spirit to leave the Torremolinos ministry and start our own ministry exclusively online through meetings on Zoom App and Social Media. 

    This was not an easy step to take as God was prospering us in Torremolinos by bringing unity amongst the members and allowing them to grow in ministry work.   At one point,  we were more than 10 Indians worshiping toguether at the church, something I had never experienced in Spain.

    We were not  accustomed to working for the kingdom of God without physical contact with the sheep.  However, as the pandemic grew, we realized that God was leading us to do a new thing in order to reach out to many accross the world that needed to be delivered and receive Christ in their hearts. 

    You can get an update on all our work as well  through my personal Facebook Page “Mahesh Devidas Shivnani”.  

  • July 2020

    Karma 2 Christ Ministries

    Karma 2 Christ Ministries

    July 2020 we initiated by faith “Karma 2 Christ Ministries” and have since been growing worldwide online  as well as ministring to the Spanish Community around us. 
    Most of our followers are Ex-Hindu converts living in Canada, US, India, and Europe.

    God backed up our obedience by allowing us to grow in prayer partners, workers from different nations as well as financial supporters.  We were also able to release our first ebook (an autobiography of Pastor Mahesh Shivnani’s jouney of conversion from Hindusim), as well as daily devotionals that are increasing in followers both of believers and unbelievers through social media. 

    A Youtuber started using our videos to create content for their channel, and have had as many as 5,000 views in about 3 months.  Feel free to use any of our material online to further God’s kingdom. 

    Currently, we are living in Algarrobo Costa (Southern Spain), looking forward to planting more online churches througn those we are disicpling.



Our Pastor works to build life-giving relationships and serve everyone around us in love.

Pastor Mahesh Shivnani

Serving as a Pastor for the past 8 years. Mahesh and his wife, Sunanda are dedicated to serving with love, and through the power of the Holy Spirit to bring deliverance and guidance to those walking in darkness.

+34 623 35 12 81

Juan Gonzales

As the lead Pastor at our North York location since it’s beginning in 2012, Juan is looking forward to many more years with his family in North York.

+001 416 1234567

Ministry Team

We have an international team of people who serve  God with their work for Karma 2 Christ Ministries. They help us with technical tasks, translation, & various other support tasks. 
Website Develoment, Graphics, & DTP
The Netherlands

John van Berghem

Website Develoment, Graphics, & DTP
The Netherlands
Hindi Translator, Lead Translation TeamCanada

Brother Solomon

Hindi Translator, Lead Translation Team
Intercessory  Prayer TeamSpain

Sunanda (Pastor's Wife)

Intercessory  Prayer Team
The workers are few and the harvest is plenty. Let us know if you would like to join us and be Discipled for the amazing work of reaching out to the lost sheep. We cherish your prayers and if you have a heart for serving the Lord wherever you are, please contact us.  We are always looking to expand our Online Church to other nations.

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