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Dangers Of Ignoring God’s Provision


(Psalms 21:11)  “Though they plot evil against you and devise schemes, they will not succeed.” 

(Deuteronomy 8:18)  “But remember the LORD your God, because he is the one who gives you the ability to produce wealth, in order to confirm his covenant that he promised by an oath to your ancestors, as is the case today.” 

(Hosea 4:6)  “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”



Only those with a mentality of poverty walk around saying that God’s blessings and provisions are only spiritual and ignore the material.  Only those who think they don’t deserve a nice car, a nice house, or more than enough to travel the world walk around resenting what others have.  Only those who feel condemned for their sins still think they need to suffer because of their past.  If you have surrendered your life to Jesus completely, you are now a Child of God and you need to be aware of all that He has provided for you through the cross.


1.)  He has washed you clean of all your sins and paid in full for your soul.  So stop trying to pay for your sins and mistakes or think that you have to pay for them in the future.

2.) He has set you free from all sickness and disease in order to have a long and fruitful life. So stop only asking for healing, and start to declare it over your life and the life of others.

3.) He has financially set into motion more than you will need in order to bless others around you and complete His plans.  So stop being satisfied with the crumbs and sit at the table God has prepared for you.

4.) He has already opened the doors that were shut for others so that only you get favor.  So stop giving up before even trying and speak boldly expecting to receive all you ask from man.

5.) He has destroyed the plans of the enemy against you so that nothing will ever stand in your way.  So let fear no longer control your decisions.

6.) He has given you the ground you are currently standing on to claim and conquer.  So walk knowing that you belong there, are favored there, and will be blessed where you are.


These are just some of the promises and truths every Born Again Christian needs to understand and claim.  However, most of us don’t spend the time to search the scriptures and instead end up following the teaching of others and depending on their faith.  Not knowing God’s Word can limit or completely stop our spiritual maturity and blessings.

Ask yourself the following.  How can we reach out to all nations if we are broke?  How can we reap if we are not willing to sow? How can we love and forgive if we have first not experienced God’s love and forgiveness?



Prosperity means having more than enough to fulfill God’s plans.  Healing means believing that Christ carried all our sickness on the cross.  Forgiving means to be grateful for how He forgave us first.



  • Father, You are exalted far above all gods, You are to be feared above all gods, You are above all gods.
  • Thank You, Father, that you have already prepared all things for us to prosper and succeed in all we do
  • Thank You that if you have called us for Your work, You have already provided.
  • We Thank You for your favor with man and that we can expect to receive exceedingly more abundantly than what we can ask or imagine.
  • We ask right now for everything we need in order to fulfil Your calling in our lives.
  • We cancel every lie of Satan spoken regarding who You are.
  • We hold on to the truth and the promises in Your Word.
  • Teach us how to walk in authority in the natural and the spiritual.
  • Give us the attitude of heirs and children of the Almighty, and erase the mindset of beggars and those that think they don’t deserve any good thing in life.
  • We ask today for a total turnaround in our mentality, in our life, and in our desires.
  • We ask in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen

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  1. Deepa Daryanani
    15 November 2023 @ 18:01

    AMEN AMEN ! 🙏🙌😊👍


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