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Defeating Your Goliath


(Psalms 125:1-2) “Those who are trusting in the LORD are like Mount Zion, which cannot be overthrown. They remain forever. Just as mountains encircle Jerusalem, so the LORD encircles his people, from now to eternity.”

(Jeremiah 33:3) “Call to me and I’ll answer you, and will tell you about great and hidden things that you don’t know.”

(Numbers 13:30) “Caleb silenced the people on Moses’ behalf and responded, ‘Let’s go up and take control, because we can definitely conquer it.’”




Are you facing a giant problem today? This giant might be in the form of lack, sickness, a broken relationship, fear of losing a job or a loved one, false accusations, problems with personal documents, an abusive or oppressive boss, injustice or simply depression due to the constant struggles. If this is your case, then don’t be discouraged because God has already equipped you to overcome every giant through the name of Jesus.

This topic from Bob Gass’ book is no coincidence for me on this date as many of you are aware of the giant my wife and I faced in the summer of 2021. We had taken the bold step of starting a new church in a different town and made all the arrangements to move to that town to begin having meetings.

After finding an apartment, signing a contract, paying a deposit, putting half of our belongings in the new apartment, and even having a set of keys in our hand… the landlord had a change of heart all of a sudden and refused to rent us the apartment. We were forced to stay within the church premises with our dogs and make the best of an uncomfortable and uncertain situation. This is clearly a giant that stood up to stop us from starting the church and reaching out to the lost with the love of Christ.

Eventually, after a few weeks of great results and growth in the ministry, we were still unable to find a home and had no choice but to move back close to where we were staying before. I don’t know which giant was taken down, but I do know that we were renewed in our spirits, spent a wonderful time with God on a personal level, and were expectant for even greater victories in the near future.

One great thing that definitely came out of that time of struggle, confusion, and doubts about God’s plan for our lives, is that we were able to launch our online meetings in Spanish. I was instructed to do this long back but never got around to starting them. That giant of delay in God’s instructions is no longer alive.

(“In Samuel 17 you will notice two things about facing a giant. First, David spent enough time with God to know Him intimately and understand His power. Second, when David went out to meet Goliath – he went alone while the others stayed back in their tents. Whoever steps out first by faith, will usually step out alone!” – Bob Gass)




The Mighty God who brought down Goliath can also bring down the giant you’re facing today. Just trust Him to do it!”





• Father, You are the Spirit of judgement and burning, You promise that our enemies shall come against us one way, but flee from us SEVEN ways. When the enemy comes in like a flood the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against the enemy.
• Thank You for these promises upon which we stand firm.
• Give us the strength to hold on to the knowledge of who You are and what You can do for us.
• We reject all the lies of the enemy and we command every giant to stand down in Jesus name.
• Because we trust in Your Word, we cannot be moved or overthrown. We shall be victorious and declare your greatness to the ends of the earth.
• Thank You, that we called upon Your name and You answered giving us answers we need to expect a good and profitable end to all that we are facing.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty name. Amen

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