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“Happy New Year”


(Psalms 139:2-5) “You know when I rest and when I am active. You understand what I am thinking when I am distant from you. You scrutinize my life and my rest; you are familiar with all of my ways. Even before I have formed a word with my tongue, you, LORD, know it completely! You encircle me from back to front, placing your hand upon me.”

(Psalms 37:4-5) “Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD; Trust him, and he will act.”

As you step into this New Year, be certain of one thing. God already knows the end from the beginning. There is nothing you can hide from Him about what you want this year to be like for you. He has already a plan set in motion in order for you to experience Him like never before. He loves you and wants you to be fruitful in all you do this coming year.

Take some time today and thank Him for allowing you to cross over into this New Year. Many thousands have not seen this New Year, but if God has kept you alive, then there is a divine purpose. Don’t ignore Him any longer and ask Him what He has planned for you this year.

Make Him today your Managing Partner, not your Silent Partner. The difference is that the Managing partner can make all the decisions without consulting you, while the Silent partner only provides financially. Most of us have partnered with God, but made him a Silent Partner, not allowing Him to make any decisions for us as we believe we know what is best for us. Boy, are we wrong.

Surrender all your plans, dreams, and goals at His feet and see miracles and supernatural success happen. He will take away those things that will not allow you to grow and He will return to you blessed and sanctified those things that are according to His will.

Then you will be able to walk with security, boldness, and without fear, knowing that He is watching over you and is pleased with what you are doing. Remember…God is on your side.


• Father, we thank you for allowing us to cross over into another year.
• We declare that you love us and that you are watching over us.
• We surrender right now this year into your hands. We surrender our family, our loved ones, and our friends. We surrender our dreams, desires, and goals.
• We ask that you take away from us anything that is not according to your perfect will for us.
• We know that your plans for us are of good and not of evil. We submit to your divine authority and reject any thoughts of rebellion against you.
• Father, please become our Managing Partner and let everyone see that we depend on you and only you for all things.
• We declare that this year will be a year of fulfilled promises in Jesus’ name.
• We declare that this year will be a year of testimonies to your glory in Jesus’ name.



  1. Ann Cook
    1 January 2022 @ 18:32

    Thank You Pastor Mahesh. It is only 9am here on the west coast. I started the year with the news of the death of my cousin and childhood friend yesterday in England. I am surrendered to my Father and had no expectations for this year.
    Your message says it all. He has all the plans and purposes for my life in his hands. I look forward to your daily devotional along with Dr. Charles Stanley.


    • Mahesh Shivnani
      12 January 2022 @ 10:31

      We are glad to hear that our Lord continues to speak to His children through our work. You honor us by following our devotionals. They are not intended only for believers but also for those that call themselves spiritual or believers but do not follow Christ. So please feel free to share with anyone that needs to be reached with God’s Word for salvation.


  2. Noiel Massey
    10 January 2022 @ 02:19

    It has been about 25 years and it’s great to see that the grace of God is with you and you are still the righteousness of God.


    • Mahesh Shivnani
      12 January 2022 @ 10:28

      Thanks Bobby. Glad to hear from you after all these years. God is good. Do share our devotionals with those you are led to.


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