Prayer Arrows Against Delay in Your Divine Destiny

Prayer Arrows against Delay in your Divine Destiny

These passages reveal to us how delay can be there at times in our lives and that God will eventually pull us through. We need to be vigilant and not be distracted or affected by anything or anyone that can cause a delay in our divine destinies. The prayers here are guidelines to focus specifically on canceling delay and receiving our God-ordained blessings.

(Deutoronomy 9:13) / (Psalms 105:17-22 ; 143:7) / (Isaiah 65:24) / (1 Corinthians 15:8-10) / (Isaiah 60:1) / (Hebrews 10:37-38).


1.) Lord, I bring repentance before you for any act of transgression in my life that might have opened the door to the foul spirit of delayed blessings.
2.) I plead the blood of Jesus over my roots and foundation on both sides of my family.
3.) Let the fire of God visit the foundation of delayed blessings in my life.
4.) Hear me speedily, O Lord; hide not thy face from me, lest I be like onto them that go down into the pit.
5.) I shall not be a delayed or postponed project.
6.) I break every evil edict and ordinance of delayed blessings operating against my life.
7.) By the Word of God, I renounce and loosen myself from every curse, inherited, or acquired spirit of delayed blessings, in the name of Jesus.
8.) Let the angels of the living God roll away every stone of hindrance to the manifestation of my breakthroughs.
9.) I command every wall of Jericho standing between me and my miracles to collapse, and never to rise again, in Jesus’ mighty name.
10.) I blind, cancel and cast out of my life, every anti-breakthrough, anti-blessings, and anti-testimony spirits, in Jesus’ name.
11.) I ask the Lord that answered Moses speedily at the Red Sea to answer my prayers now and part the sea that stands between me and Your promises in the Word.
12.) Lord, let all the evil labels fashioned in the enemy camp against my life be completely rubbed off.
13.) I break myself loose from the bondage of stagnancy and delayed blessings.
14.) Almighty God, destroy with fire, anything that makes your promises to fail in my life, in Jesus name.
15.) Father. Let the joy of fulfillment of your promises concerning me surpass the agony of waiting in life.
16.) I speak by the power of the Holy Spirit “ Let the prophesies and promises of God concerning me be fulfilled, in Jesus name.”
17.) Having waited patiently for God´s timing upon my blessings, I shall not be disappointed or frustrated in the end.
18.) As the Lord liveth, whom I serve, I shall live to see the travail of my soul.
19.) Sarah waited on You, oh Lord, and she was wonderfully rewarded in the end; Hannah waited and she laughed at the end; Joseph was faithful to You and he was honored at the end. I also shall be adequately rewarded for my long waiting, in Jesus’ name.
20.) Today, I call upon the Abrahamic and Messianic covenants over my life to let my answers come, in Jesus’ name.
21.) From this year onward, I shall no longer be only waiting, but become a receiver and a giver, in Jesus’ name.
22.) Father move my name from the waiting list to the received and answered list.
23.) Father, from this day forth let my life be defined by countless miracles and testimonies of completing all your purposes for my life.
24.) Lord, I exercise my faith and boldly decree that from this day forth a definite change has come to my situation to push me forward, in Jesus’ name.
25.) Father, I thank you for your quick intervention in my case.

In Jesus Name!

Pray these for your life, every member of the family, and of course for your local Church and leaders. If you spend time in the morning and night putting things in their place in the spiritual, by faith you will see them being manifested in the physical.
But the key to having success in any of these prayers is being under obedience and submission to our Leaders and those God has put over us in authority. If you are in rebellion of any sort, they are just empty words and false confessions.