The Story of Angela

The Story of Angela

My wife and I had just moved to Algarrobo Costa, Malaga in January 2020. From the very beginning, we knew that God had miraculously pulled us through last year with a purpose and the studio apartment we were able to rent was not merely a place of residence. We knew that God was going to use this home to bring us closer to Him and reach out to others in the community. With an evangelistic and missionary purpose we made simple flyers and started inviting all our neighbors home for a Bible study we programmed for every Thursday at 7:30 pm. The protocol established was for me to do some worship in English and then my wife to share something from the Bible and I would translate if any Spanish speakers showed up.

Many of the neighbors we approached were polite and received the flyer with no resistance, however, there was one particular lady that lashed out at me when I invited her for the Bible study. Her name is Angela. She is in her mid-60´s, lives alone, and has a cute giant size Yorkshire. She is a simple lady that is very street smart and has had to fight for everything since her childhood. Grew up in an orphanage run by strict nuns, as her father got drunk one night and murdered her mother. It was not until her 20’s that she found out that she had siblings when they got in contact with her. After some failed relationships and having moved around working several manual labor jobs to survive, she settled just one floor above ours. Due to a medical condition with her heart, for which she was operated on when she was young, and some other mobility issues, she receives a simple pension.

I noticed an “OM” Hindu Symbol around her neck earlier and realized she was part of the modern fad of westerners that have adopted the Hindu religion. I had already approached her before and conversed with her when we coincided while taking out our dogs. When I gave her the flyer, she rejected it and said that the Bible is full of lies. She said she believed in Karma and reincarnation. After the short unpleasant discussion about Christianity and my Hindu background, I encouraged her to come anyway and listen to what we were doing. Telling her that we would be singing some songs made her show some interest in coming to the meeting.

Thursday arrived and my wife and I were anxiously waiting for a couple of English-speaking believers to show up, but no one did. At 7:30 sharp, the bell rang, the dogs went crazy, (and so did we with excitement), and it was Angela at the door.

We invited her in, had some tea and I started to read from the Bible and explain some concepts. She sat in silence the whole time and I did not know if she was receiving anything I said. When we finished I felt led by the Holy Spirit to ask her if she wanted to surrender her life to Jesus. At first, I hesitated, especially after the first encounter we had earlier that week.

So, I girded myself with boldness and asked her if she wanted to accept Christ into her heart. To my surprise, she said yes. So I made her repeat a simple prayer and made her understand that now she was a new creature in Christ and that all past things were now erased. My wife and I could see an immediate change both, in her complexion, and deep within her eyes.

A few months went by and she continued to hunger for God’s Word and completely understood concepts that most Christians sometimes take years to grasp. She loves reading the Old Testament, she completely accepts the concept of Tithing, and she received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the speaking of Tongues over the phone while we were all in lockdown.

Without us telling her anything, she threw away all her Buddha statues and idols from her home, as well as all her religious relics and reiki certificates. The Holy Spirit started pouring out His wisdom upon her to the point that she now has a strong gift of Discerning Spirits. She is a great evangelist and is constantly inviting people to our house meeting. God truly can change anyone.

About 5 months after she gave her life to Christ, we baptized her in water and she openly declared her love for Christ in front of all her friends that were mostly composed of Atheists, God-haters, and Homosexuals. After the celebration, a group of her friends cornered her and started to accuse her of being brainwashed, a religious fanatic, and that this was just a phase because she was bored. She stood her ground and answered saying that she had been looking for this her whole life, that Christ filled all her desires and gave her a new identity.

From this experience, my wife and I were tremendously encouraged as missionaries and understood that when Christ has chosen someone to be part of His flock, all that sheep need is someone to present to them the Gospel. 

You and I have no idea whom God has already predestined, so don’t stop spreading the Good news of Salvation through Christ.