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Who is Your Washbasin?


(Psalms 60:8) “Moab is my wash basin;”

(Psalms 19:12) “Who can detect his own mistake? Cleanse me from hidden sin.”

(Proverbs 27:17) “Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens a friend’s character.”

(John 3:19) “And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.”



In the history of the Hebrew people, every couple of generations God used different methods to humble them. He used famine, constant struggle with neighboring nations, and even being brought under slavery under cruel leadership. The people of God would forget about the great things God had done for them and would end up participating in the idolatry of other cultures. They would fill their homes and traditions with the filth and sinful behavior that surrounded them.

God had no choice but to allow other nations to conquer them, persecute them, and make life difficult for them in order for His people to cry out to Him and return to holiness. He did this out of love, as only in these trials were they able to realize how far they had walked away from God. He used, for example, the Philistines in the time of David and Samson, the Midianites in the time of Gideon, and the Moabites oppressed Israel for 18 years in the book of Judges.

God can use anyone and everyone around you to bring out the worst in you so that you realize how much you still need God to work in your life. Only then will you be able to repent and be cleansed from those things that stop you from being in God’s presence. We get too comfortable at times with sins that we ignore or we simply don’t want to admit that they still exist in our lives.

Jesus came as light into the world, but the people preferred their darkness so that their sinful works remained hidden. Let Jesus today into your heart and let Him show you how far you really have drifted away from God. Only then will you be able to ask for forgiveness, repent and receive all the blessings and promises He has planned for you.

The first people God will use to test your patience, love, and faith, are those who are closest to you, those whom you have put up on a pedestal, and those who have taken God’s place in your life. Only Christ can take the throne in your heart because He is God.


(“Who is your washbasin? Who brings you to your knees? Who stretches your faith? Who tells you things straight to your face?”– Bob Gass)




• Heavenly Father, You would feed me with a finest wheat and with honey from the rock You would satisfy me. You give us our heart’s desire. Lord who has remembered us in our lowly state.
• Help us not to forget all that You have done for us. Let us not believe that we have achieved anything that You have not allowed.
• We ask for forgiveness for not having kept Your ways in all we do and say.
• Let us examine our hearts through Your living word and see those things that are not pleasing to You.
• Give us the courage to admit where we are wrong and the strength to change those things.
• Thank You for using people to show us where we are failing and let us be instruments in Your hands to do the same with love for others.
• We receive Your correction today, knowing that You are a loving Father and that Your plans for us are of good and not of evil.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen

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