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Become A Jawbone


(Judges 15:16) “Then Samson declared, ‘With a jawbone from the donkey—here a heap, there a pair of heaps—with the jawbone of the donkey I’ve killed 1,000 men.'”

(Luke 14:33) “So then, you cannot be my disciple unless you give away everything you own.”

(Galatians 5:24-25) “Now those who belong to the Messiah Jesus have crucified their flesh with its passions and desires. Since we live by the Spirit, by the Spirit let us also be guided.




Samson used a dried-up donkey jawbone to kill 1,000 Philistines. It was Him alone, empowered by the Holy Spirit, doing what is humanly impossible. This is what God can do with anyone that puts themselves in God’s hands. It was the jawbone that crushed the skulls of the enemy, but Samson who struck them down. In the same way, you will crush Satan, his kingdom, and anyone that stands in your way, when God is the one who uses you to bring justice.

But in order for that jaw bone to be available, it had to be dead and dried up. Not alive and still attached to the donkey. In the same way, we cannot be attached to anything or anyone, we cannot be part of anything that will not allow us to be used by God. When I say attached, I mean stuck in such a way that it takes priority over God’s instructions.

Most of us still depend on our spouse, children, job, society, and culture to define who we are and what we can do in life. We even allow others to determine how serious we get about our spiritual life and how deep we enter into our divine calling.

Imagine if the jawbone had its own mind. Do you think it would believe that it could be used to destroy 1000 men? Probably not. Fear of being broken and bruised probably would have made it make up a 100 excuses in order to dissuade Samson from using it. This is exactly what we do with God when He instructs us to do something that is not logical to us, or impossible for us to achieve on our own.

Therefore, in order to be used by God with power, you need to die to yourself, all you think you are and the best way to do that is to be willing to give up all you have. It’s not necessary, that this might have to happen, but if you are not determined to at least, decide to give it all up for Christ, you will never experience the supernatural power Samson had. It’s a very simple formula. The more you die, the more Christ and His power lives inside of you.



If you are full of flesh and still attached to the donkey, there is no difference between you and the donkey.




• Heavenly Father, You turn the wilderness into pools of water. Lord, You turn the rock into a pool of water. You turn the dry land into water springs.
• Thank You, Father, that in Your hands we are a mighty weapon.
• Thank You for using us to destroy the enemy and bring justice.
• Forgive us for making excuses when you want us to destroy the oppression of Satan over others.
• Forgive us for holding on to our desires, our passions, and our possessions as part of our identity.
• Help us to die to ourselves, our identity, and or possessions in order to be used by You.
• We declare that we will be available to You and that we will set free those around us from the grip of darkness.
• We declare that our passions and desires have been crucified with Christ and that we are guided by the Spirit.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty name. Amen


  1. Deepa Daryanani
    1 August 2023 @ 19:02

    AMEN !! 🙏👍😊


  2. Andrei Crasto
    1 August 2023 @ 20:23

    The jawbone had to be detached from the donkey in order to be productively used. In the same way we have to detach ourselves with what this glamorous world has to offer


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