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Become a New Wineskin


(Matthew 9:17) “Nor do people pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst, the wine will spill out, and the skins will be ruined. Instead, they pour new wine into fresh wineskins, and both are preserved.”

(Ezekiel 36:26-27) “I’m going to give you a new heart, and I’m going to give you a new spirit within all of your deepest parts. I’ll remove that rock-hard heart of yours and replace it with one that’s sensitive to me. I’ll place my spirit within you, empowering you to live according to my regulations and to keep my just decrees.”

Just like men know that old wineskins cannot handle new wine, God knows that our old nature cannot handle God’s Spirit within us. Therefore, before God can start to pour His Spirit within us, He needs to renew us from the inside and make sure we can handle it. His Spirit is pure and a consuming fire, while our old nature is corrupt and unable to submit to God’s laws. If you try to follow the teachings of Jesus, it is practically impossible unless you have accepted Him first into your heart.

Try it! Read Matthew Chapters 5 – 7 and see if it comes easy to obey what Jesus teaches us, or if it even makes sense to you. Unless you are submitted to Christ, you will not be able to follow these commandments. This will be the real test if you have actually been transformed or if you are still holding on to your old sinful nature. By trying to keep them without Christ, you will only become self-righteous and reject the salvation God offers through the work on the cross.

Before God can use you, he will break you, remold you and then fill you with His New Spirit. Before He can put His laws in your heart, he needs to change that heart of stone into a heart of flesh. A heart that feels God’s heartbeat, and can love those that are not worthy of being loved. When we submit to the change God wants to bring to our lives, then and only then will we be able to follow His commandments and bring glory to His name.

The modern generation cannot sit for a 90-minute sermon, or sing hymns to the sound of an organ, but they are quick to chase 15-minute teachings and sing short catchy songs to a guitar. They don’t go to a Church or a Pastor to hear God’s Word, but surf social media and try to find answers to the tough questions.

Don’t stay stuck in your ways while the devil is prospering and changing with the times in order to enslave the new generations. It’s time for God’s people to bombard social media with God’s Word and counteract the filth that Satan is posting every day.


Don’t ever change the message, but work on improving and adapting the messengers and the platforms from which you reach out to the lost.



• Jesus, You are The consolation of Israel, The light of Israel, and The dew unto Israel.
• Thank You Father that you promise to replace our heart of stone with a heart of flesh.
• Thank You that you will put Your laws within our hearts and transform us into new creatures.
• Thank You that you help us to obey Your commandments and walk in Your ways.
• Forgive us for trying to be righteous by our own strength and for our own glory.
• We ask You to continue to transform us into the likeness of Your son Jesus.
• Help us to change and become all You need us to become in order to reach the modern generation.
• Forgive us for being stuck in our ways and not willing to let the Holy Spirit move with freedom.
• We ask that we become the new wineskins for the new wine you are waiting to pour inside of us.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen

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  1. Deepa Daryanani
    29 January 2023 @ 17:45

    Amen ! Your Word Lord Will PROSPER!


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