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Dare To Dream Big


(Genesis 37:5) “Right about this time, Joseph had a dream and then told it to his brothers. As a result, his brothers hated him all the more!”

(Nehemiah 4:1-2) “When Sanballat heard that we were reconstructing the wall, he flew into a rage, became indignant, and mocked the Jews. He addressed his allies and the Samaritan officials, saying ‘What are these pathetic Jews doing? Are they intending to rebuild it by themselves? Do they intend to offer sacrifices? Will they finish in a single day? Can they make stones from this burned out rubble?’”



Not everyone you share your dream with will be supportive or even encourage you to follow it. Actually, most of the people you share with will tell you how ridiculous it is, how difficult to achieve it, or even how you don’t have the talent and patience to watch it through. This will happen both in your natural goals and also in the dreams that God shows you for your life. The one thing you have to keep in mind is that those negative people around you might be right about your goals in the natural, but they are completely wrong about the dreams God has given you.

Sometimes, when you share your dream with others, it reminds them of how they have given up on their own dreams and they will envy you. Just because they married without proper council or in rebellion, why should you have a woman of God? Just because they squandered their youth chasing the pleasures of sin, why should you have all things in place and working out for you?

Whatever God puts in your heart, will not be based on your talents, your efforts, and on your willingness to fulfill that dream. All you have to do is hold on to that dream and never let go no matter what challenges you face or what anyone else says. God wants to be glorified through your life, so He will make sure that everyone’s mouth is shut when He fulfills what has been spoken.

Joseph had a dream that his brothers hated. But he held on to that dream when he was sold as a slave by his brothers, when he was falsely accused of trying to rape Potiphar’s wife, and even when he was thrown in prison and forgotten about for years. He held on and believed that God would not fail him, and eventually, He became the 2nd in command in Egypt and was the one God used to save the Hebrew nation from famine.
When Nehemiah had the passion to rebuild the walls of Israel, all the surrounding kings laughed at him and mocked their efforts. But God gave him the strategy and full provision to build the walls in record time.



God wants to show you the great and wonderful things He has planned for you, but that will take you spending time with Him, rejecting all the negative thoughts that have you depressed, and to start proclaiming God’s Word in faith.




• Heavenly Father, You are He who is held in reverence by all those around You. The Lord who is praised by Cherubims and Seraphims. Lord, You are my shield, my Glory, and The one who lifts up my head.
• Thank You, Father, that you have plans for us that are beyond our imagination.
• Thank You, that no matter what we have received from You as a promise or a dream, You are able to complete it.
• Forgive us for giving an ear to the negative people around us and giving up on our dreams.
• Forgive us for getting tired of waiting and also giving up because things were not done when we expected them to be done.
• Forgive us for laughing at others who were bold enough to dream big and believe in every promise they received from You.
• Help us today to get a hold of that dream or goal You had put in our hearts.
• We ask that you change around any of our mistakes in the past to our benefit and for Your glory.
• We declare that we will fulfill every divine purpose You have spoken over our lives.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen

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  1. Andrei Crasto
    20 December 2023 @ 19:15

    All our dreams given by God must be fulfilled


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