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Don’t Get Distracted


(Luke 12:48) “…Much will be required from everyone to whom much has been given. But even more will be demanded from the one to whom much has been entrusted.”

(Matthew 16:23) “But Jesus turned and told Peter, ‘Get behind me, Satan! You are an offense to me, because you are not thinking God’s thoughts but human thoughts!’”

(2 Timothy 2:4) “No one serving in the military gets mixed up in civilian matters, for his aim is to please his commanding officer.”




The more God gives you, the less you can get away with. Think about it! If God has decided to reveal His laws to you, His heart, and His will, yet you completely reject Him, how severe do you think your punishment should be? The more you learn about God, the more you will grow spiritually, the more power you will have over sin and Satan, and the fewer excuses you will have for your sins. God is very much aware of this. If He has given you an assignment, don’t let anything or anyone else distract you from it.

Trust me, the devil is an expert in keeping you occupied with things that will get you nowhere, and uses some people around you to stop you from completing your assignment. He tried to do it with Christ through one of his most trusted disciples and he is still trying to do it to us. But Jesus focused on His love for us and as He hung on that cross He cried, “It is finished”.

What an amazing goal to be able to repeat those same words when we meet our creator. To know that just like Christ, we did not move with the latest fashion or the opinion of man. But we focused on what God has instructed us to do.

We are soldiers for Christ and He is our commanding officer. Don´t get too entangled in the gossip, feasts, money-making schemes, and activities of the world, as, unlike you, they have not received a divine calling.

I was very much involved a few years back in a multi-level marketing business with weight loss and nutrition products and it was going great. I was getting a good residual income from clients and members I had trained online in various countries. However, I found myself with a dilemma when walking the streets to capture potential clients.

I had the choice to either offer them my products and the amazing business plan, or the gospel. Eventually, God and my calling took over and I could not allow myself not to present the gospel to everyone I met. The choice was simple, as the passion, desire, and focus were Christ and His kingdom.  But God had to intervene and abruptly shut down the whole thing as I was taking too long to focus on my calling as a Pastor.  




You will never be satisfied in life until you make your divine calling your obsession. If you don’t know your divine calling, then you better ask Christ to reveal it to you.





• Heavenly Father, there is help in Your countenance. You are the Lord who made the heavens. He who made the worlds.
• Thank You, Father, for you have a specific calling for each one of us, no matter our age, gender, or intellectual capacity.
• Thank You, for enabling us with talents and a passion to fulfill that calling.
• Forgive us for getting distracted from our calling with the things of the world.
• Teach us how to choose wisely whom or what to get involved with.
• Give us the boldness to let go of those things that are interfering with our focus on Christ.
• We command Satan to get behind us and out of our way.
• We decide to make it our aim in life to please Christ and not men.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty name. Amen

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  1. Deepa Daryanani
    22 July 2023 @ 10:27

    AMEN AMEN 🙏💯😊


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