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Return To Your Assignment


(2 Corinthians 10:13) “We will not boast about what cannot be evaluated. Instead, we will stay within the field that God assigned us, so as to reach even you.”

(Joshua 5:13-14) “Now it happened that while Joshua was near Jericho, he looked up and much to his amazement, he saw a man standing in front of him, holding a drawn sword in his hand! Joshua approached him and asked him, ‘Are you one of us, or are you with our enemies?’”

“‘Neither,’ he answered. ‘I have come as commander of the LORD’s Army.’ Joshua immediately fell on his face to the earth and worshipped, saying to him, ‘Lord, what do you have for your servant by way of command?’”


God knows us better than we know ourselves. There is nothing we can hide from Him. He even knows what we are going to ask for before we start to pray. He knows our talents, weaknesses, limitations, and potential. According to this knowledge He assigns us positions and works for us to succeed in. Our only responsibility is to listen to His voice and understand where He wants us to be.

We cannot compare ourselves with others, thinking they have a better position, more fame, or a better life, as we do not know what struggles they have faced to be where they are. We have no idea what sacrifices have been made to achieve their goals. Maybe you are not cut out for such a position, no matter how glamorous it seems.

Just like in a GPS, if you have taken a wrong turn regarding your calling, it is right now saying “recalculating new route”. Don’t ignore it by believing that you know a better way to achieve your calling. Stop, take a step back and return to the calling God has for you this season.

If you want to be a Pastor, maybe you first need to serve tables and clean the toilets for a season. Or maybe your first need to preach in the street corners and face opposition and insults to see if you are cut out for such a calling.

Every position purposed in God will be fruitful and full of rewards, as long as we continue to be faithful until God decides to change our assignment. If not, you might still bear fruits, but they will be out of season, and maybe too little too late. Only God can see the Big picture and keep us from making wrong choices.

Only what is from God is worth doing. The rest will fade away and be gone with the wind.


The anointing will only flow when you are doing the assigned work, in the assigned place, and at the assigned time.




• Father, You are all-powerful, there is nothing impossible for You. You are Omnipotent.
• Thank You for having a unique and divine plan for each one of us. We thank You for giving us the talents and strength needed to be fruitful.
• Forgive us for having drifted away from our original plan in You. We ask that You help us return to our initial calling.
• Forgive us for comparing ourselves to others and not appreciating the work You have assigned us to. We ask that we will see the eternal value of what You are doing through us.
• We declare that we are now walking correctly, that we will bear fruits for eternity, that they will be in season, and that we will bring glory to the name of Jesus.
• We’re mighty and powerful instruments in Your hands and we ask that we will fulfill that for which You chose us and saved us.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty name. Amen

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  1. Deepa Daryanani
    15 March 2022 @ 09:10

    Gods plans are good !
    Gods thoughts are higher!
    Gods ways are the best !
    👏🙌🙏 Amen !


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