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God Will Wrestle You


(Philippians 1:6) “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:”

(Genesis 32:24-26) “And so Jacob was left alone, and he struggled with a man until daybreak. When the man realized that he hadn’t yet won the struggle, he injured the socket of Jacob’s thigh, dislocating it as he wrestled with him, and said, ‘Let me go, because the dawn has come.’ ‘I won’t let you go’ Jacob replied, “unless you bless me.’”

(2 Timothy 2:13) “if we are unfaithful, that One remains faithful; He is not able to deny Himself.”



You might give up on God, but He will never give up on you. No matter how far you go, how much you reject, ignore, or deny Him, He will always find a way to get your attention even if it’s in your last breath. God does this because He loves us and does not want us to spend eternity or any more of this life separated from Him.

Even if you made a commitment one day to follow Jesus, and have failed to keep your promise, God will not forget His promise to forgive you of all things if you repent. In order to drive you towards repentance, He will go to any extreme and make you face all kinds of trials and challenges, even if you suffer physically, as long as your soul gets saved. He will even fight with you to show you that only His way is best for you.

If He has given you talents, a calling, or anointed you with spiritual gifts, He will not allow you to continue to hide them under your bed and sleep any longer as there is much to be done and He has purchased your soul paying a very high price. You cannot win a fight against God, therefore if you still want to fight and win, make sure it’s on God’s side, with God’s purpose, and for God’s blessings on your life.

We read in Genesis how Jacob fought God to get blessed, and God struck him in the hip to remind him who Jacob was fighting against. Sure Jacob got tremendously blessed, but he never walked the same and was now daily reminded that in the long run, God’s ways are the safest.

(“God is not going to let you get by with all the little things He used to overlook; you are running out of time. He will wrestle with you to show you that you are wasting your life. Wrestle with you over your careless words, attitudes, and actions. Over your ingratitude to make you see how blessed you really are. He will wrestle with you over your instability and your unwillingness to make a commitment. You’ve worked at fourteen jobs! You’ve attended twenty-five different churches! When are you going to let Him plant you permanently and stay until you can ‘bear fruit?’” – Bob Gass)



If God is wrestling with you today, then stay in His presence until you are changed – into what He promised you will be.




• Jesus, You are the Lamb of God, The one Shepherd, the Great Shepherd.
• Thank You Father that you don’t give up on us.
• No matter how much we try to hide from You, Your loving arms are always reaching out to us.
• Thank You for wrestling with us so that we learn to submit to Your ways. Give us the understanding to know that You desire the best for us.
• Forgive us for hiding or simply not using the talents, faith, or anointing You have given us.
• We declare that He who began a good work in us will complete it until the day Christ returns.
• We give you full authority to do whatever is necessary to save our souls and to wake up our loved ones and the ones we are praying for.
• Thank You that even if we are unfaithful, You remain faithful to the covenant we made with You when we accepted Jesus into our hearts.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty name. Amen

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