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God’s Strategy


(Judges 6:15-16) “‘Right…,’ Gideon responded. ‘Sir, how will I deliver Israel? Look—my family is the weakest in Manasseh, and I’m the youngest in my father’s household.’ The LORD told him, ‘Because I’ll be with you, and you’ll defeat Midian—every single one of them!’”

(Psalms 127:1) “Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor uselessly. Unless the LORD guards the city, its security forces keep watch uselessly.”



We seem to ignore that God always has a plan, a strategy, and a purpose for everything He does. He had a plan for creating the universe, a plan for creating humans and animals, and a strategy on how things would work out in harmony. However, His strategy was based on our obedience to Him, which is where it failed and we were separated from being able to be in His presence.

Even today, God has a strategy for our lives to prosper, to be in communion with Him, to conquer all our fears, and to defeat Satan and all his plans to destroy us. However, that strategy requires God’s presence and authority over all we are and all we do. No matter what we want to achieve in life, if Christ is not the foundation for it, we will build in vain.

Instead of constantly praying about a problem, we need to start to pray for the strategy to resolve that problem. God’s plan for victory might require declaring a specific verse over the problem, fasting to increase your faith, restitution for failing to keep a promise or simply asking for forgiveness. It might require giving to someone in need or being faithful with your tithes, making some changes, leaving a job, or toxic relationship.
No matter what God requires you to do, keep in mind that the vision God gives you for victory will always be greater than you. Therefore, you will need to get very close to God if you want His strategy to work in your life. You don’t need anyone’s approval for this as most people won’t necessarily support your decision to get serious with God.


You need to stop being scared to do what God has already spoken to your heart. He has already equipped you and strengthened you through Christ to handle the pressure.




• Heavenly Father, The children of Your servants shall dwell secure. Their descendants will be established before You.
• Thank You, Father, that there is a divine plan and purpose for our lives. That You have already laid out a strategy for us to live in victory.
• Forgive us for focusing on our insecurities, our lack, and our failures instead of looking at you and believing what You have spoken over us.
• We don’t want to take another step in life without making you part of it.
• We declare that we will no longer build in vain and that Your Word will be the center of all we want to achieve in life.
• We receive Your strength right now to achieve all that You have planned for us for Your name to be exalted.
• We ask that we grow in order to fulfill the vision You have given us.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen.

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