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Learn to Wait on God


(Habakkuk 2:2-4) “When he answered, the LORD told me: ‘Write out the revelation, engraving it clearly on the tablets, so that a courier may run with it. For the revelation pertains to an appointed time—it speaks truthfully about the end. Though it delays, wait for it, because it will surely come about—it will not be late! Notice their arrogance—they have no inward uprightness—but the righteous will live by their faith.’”

(Numbers 9:16-19) “It was so continuously—there was a cloud covering by day, and a fire cloud appeared at night. Whenever the cloud above the tent ascended, the Israelis would travel and encamp in the place where the cloud settled.”

“According to whatever the LORD said, the Israelis would travel. According to whatever the LORD said, they would camp as long as the cloud remained over the Tent of Meeting. When the cloud over the tent remained for a longer time, the Israelis did what the LORD had instructed and didn’t travel.”



In this “microwave” society we have lost the ability to wait, trust, and be at peace no matter what the situation. We have lost these vital personality traits that make us into good men and women of God. We lose patience easily with ourselves, our children, our workers, our leaders, and even with God. This is the reason why we don’t excel in any area of our life as we have not learned to plant, water, and wait for the fruits in due season.

Notice how you react when a page on the internet or a program on your computer takes too long to open. Imagine how it was in the late 90’s when you had to wait for a physical landline connection, wait for a dial tone and only then surf the internet. And you can forget about live streaming or watching a video without first downloading the video for about a day. How do you react when you have to wait in line more than five minutes in a fast-food restaurant, or if someone does not answer your WhatsApp message right away after they have seen it?

These are things that make us realize how far we are from where God wants us to be by not being able to learn all the things He wants to teach and show us through waiting on Him.

Don’t move faster than God in your plans leaving Him behind, and don’t become still by fear or lack of faith. God will do as He has promised, expect it and you will receive it in due time.  His cloud of protection and presence is the only thing we need to search, follow, and desire. Everything will work out perfectly for us in God’s timing.

(“God is a God of order. Everything He does is by appointment. He has scheduled an appointment to bring to pass His promises and His purpose in your life. You can count on that. The problems arise when you try to rush God’s timing. When the Lord speaks a word into your life, it’s like a seed. It needs time to germinate and then sprout. You must learn the difference between what you can do and what God can do! If you want to live without anxiety, trust God and learn to wait.” – Bob Gass)


God will not follow us! We need to follow Him.



• Jesus, You are He who is called Son of David, God who never fails in His promises, Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.
• Thank You Lord that your timing is perfect, You are never too early or too late.
• Thank You for the promise that even though it seems like there is a delay, You will complete all You have promised.
• Forgive us for losing our patience with ourselves, others, and with Your promises. Let our faith not be moved because of this and teach us how to live as the righteous do.
• We declare that we will wait on You and be exalted to possess the Land.
• Teach us how to live under Your presence and to move ahead only when You instruct us to move.
• We declare that from this day forth we will wait upon You first and then move according to Your timing, Your will, and Your eternal purpose.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen

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