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Look at Them Through Love


(1 Peter 4:8-10) “Above all, continue to love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins. Show hospitality to one another without complaining. As good servant managers of God’s grace in its various forms, serve one another with the gift each of you has received.”

(Romans 5:8) “But God demonstrates his love for us by the fact that the Messiah died for us while we were still sinners.”

Have you heard the song “When a Man Loves a Woman” by Michael Bolton? If you have ever been deeply in love, you will relate to that song and understand how love “covers a multitude of sins”. One of the phrases in the song says, “If she is bad, he can’t see it, she can do no wrong, turn his back on his best friend if he put her down.” Haven’t we all been enchanted by this love spell at one point or another in our lives?

But as time goes by, and the enchantment of infatuation starts to fade, this passionate, unconditional love does as well. Suddenly, the light chewing noise she makes is no longer cute, but a thumping in your head. The inability of using well the remote control is no longer understandable, but a sign of mere laziness to learn.

The tea served a little lukewarm is no longer an innocent mistake, but a direct sign that she does not like making the tea for you. And the way the house is still a mess for days at a time, due to her being extra busy with the kids, is now a lack of the ability of time management and a reflection of poor parenting from her family’s side.

I am so glad that the love God has for us never fades away, and that His mercy is renewed every morning. This is the beauty of what loving someone means. No matter how much they fail, how much they hurt you, or how much they actually do wrong according to anyone’s standards, you still continue to overlook their mistakes through the eyes of love. This is the love that comes from above. 

We are so quick to judge others and so at ease having double standards. When we take a risk, we are brave, while others are careless if they do it. When we dress well, we have good taste, while others are extravagant. When we are kind and gentle, we are gracious, while others are weak when they do it. When we avoid someone and don’t like them, we are a good judge of character, while others are just prejudiced…etc.

Now that you know how God keeps on loving you no matter what, it’s time to start to love others, be hospitable and serve without complaining, and give them the grace that God has already given you and continues to show you on a daily basis.



Remember that Christ was sent to die for you on the cross not after you decided to repent of your sinful ways, but while you still enjoyed your sins and even thought that you had the right to enjoy them.




• Heavenly Father, You are the God who calls into existence the things that do not exist, who calls us by name, who never lies.
• Forgive us Lord for having double standards. For not having compassion, love, and mercy on others the way You have for us.
• We need Your help and Your love to change us from the inside.
• Thank You for loving us and sending Jesus to the Cross while we were deep in our sin and rebellion. You did not look at our constant failures, but You covered them with Your love.
• We want to be able to love, serve and be hospitable to others without complaining.
• We bind the Spirit of criticism towards others in Jesus’ name.
• We thank you once again that Your love covers all our sins, and that when You look at us, You no longer see us in our sinful nature, but You see Jesus.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen

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