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Lost Passion For The Word?


(2 Timothy 2:15) “Do your best to present yourself to God as an approved worker who has nothing to be ashamed of, handling the word of truth with precision”.

(Romans 10:17) “Consequently, faith results from listening, and listening results through the word of the Messiah.”



You can’t give to others what you don’t have. If you don’t have any money, time, strength, and health you can’t really help others in their time of need. The same goes for wisdom and counsel. When someone comes to you with a problem, you have two options, either you give them your personal opinion based on your experience, or you can give them the Word of God. Your opinion can be helpful to a specific situation, but the Word of God will usually cover a much wider range of problems in life.

The Word of God is described as the Sword of the Spirit. It is a powerful weapon that helps us fight and overcome any situation. However, it is of no use to you if you don’t carry it with you or if you don’t know how to use it or how to maintain it sharp. We are instructed to study God’s Word and to be able to use it wisely and correctly.

We can end up losing interest and passion in the Word if all we do is read for the sake of reading, or listen to sermons for entertainment instead of instruction. This is why I always instruct everyone to take notes when listening to a sermon so that we don’t miss out on what God is speaking to us. Also by constantly reading the Word we increase our own faith and help others with theirs.


Here are a few tips to make sure the Word becomes powerful within You.

• Don’t simply read the Bible, but dig deep and study it. There is so much valuable treasure when you learn to read between the lines.
• Approach it as if it’s the first time expecting to learn something new. You are not the same person the last time you read that passage, therefore the teaching might affect you differently.
• Meditate on it. Give God a chance to speak to you through what you are reading. Ask yourself, “What is God telling me through this?”
• Discuss it with others. There are things that others might see that you have missed, and vice versa.
• Seek the promise in the verse you can pray with and what conditions are required by God in order for them to be fulfilled.
• Make sure the words that come out of your mouth agree with the Word of God. You can’t read words of life, hope, and faith and then turn around and pronounce words of death.
• Take the time to memorize verses so that they can be available to you in a time of need. They will be medicine both for you and for others who hear them.



Not knowing how to use the Word of God correctly is like going into battle with a machine gun with no bullets. You might look intimidating, but in a time of crisis, you will fail yourself and others.



• Heavenly Father, You are Horn of my salvation, pioneer of our salvation, anchor of the soul. The one my soul loves, the Bridegroom, and rock of ages.
• Thank You, for Your Word which is a double edge sword full of power and wisdom.
• Thank You, for having all the answers for us available in Your Word.
• Forgive us for losing the passion and desire to seek, dig and understand the deep meaning of Your teachings.
• Forgive us for giving man our own wisdom first instead of giving them Your Word.
• Teach us how to understand, memorize, use and make Your Word part of our daily vocabulary.
• We want to be different from others and bring words of life into dead situations.
• Teach us how to use Your Word as medicine for the brokenhearted, and as a weapon against the plans of the enemy.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen


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