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Rejecting God’s Grace


(Romans 11:5-8) “So it is at the present time: there is a remnant, chosen by grace. But if this is by grace, then it is no longer on the basis of actions. Otherwise, grace would no longer be grace. What, then, does this mean? It means that Israel failed to obtain what it was seeking, but the selected group obtained it while the rest were hardened. As it is written, ‘To this day God has put them into deep sleep. Their eyes do not see, and their ears do not hear.’”

(Mathew 10:12-14) “As you enter the house, greet its occupants. If the household is receptive, let your blessing of peace come on it. But if it isn’t receptive, let your blessing of peace return to you. If no one welcomes you or listens to your words, as you leave that house or town, shake its dust off your feet.”



Why is it that some people immediately receive the message of salvation through Christ, while others not only reject it but hate you for sharing it with them? The difference is God’s grace. Some accept God’s plan for salvation because God has chosen that particular time for them to be set free from the sins that have them bound in chains.

In my years of experience I have come to learn that if God has not opened up the spiritual eyes of the one I am sharing Jesus with, then, no matter how much I argue, they don’t have the grace from God to follow Him. God has blinded them for now either because I am not the one chosen, or it is not yet God’s perfect timing. The Jews to this day reject Jesus as their Messiah, but a time will come when they will all run to Him.

However, because I know the power there is in the Word of God, I continue to share, as many times a simple Bible Verse can destroy all arguments and bring them to their knees in surrender to Christ.

But we need to use wisdom whom we spend time arguing with. When Jesus sent out the disciples to preach the gospel in the cities He did not instruct them to chase, argue, and plead with those that did not initially receive the Gospel. If they shared the peace of God and it returned to them because that house or city rejected it, they were instructed to shake its dust off their feet and move on.

Pride and self-righteousness are the enemies of grace. If you think that you can actually do good things and that God has to accept them as payment for your sins, you will never experience His grace. Only when you realize that you woke up this morning because God allowed it, and that He is also the one who gives us good sleep, will you be able to understand God’s grace.



If you are not rejecting this message, then right now you have been chosen by God and have accepted His grace. Take the next step and ask Jesus into your heart.




• Heavenly Father, You are the Lord who shall help the righteous and deliver them. You shall never permit the righteous to be moved. The Lord who makes the righteous to flourish like the palm tree and help him grow like a cedar in Lebanon.
• Thank You Father for the grace you showed us by choosing to love us.
• Thank You for opening our understanding in order to receive forgiveness for our sins and have our name written in the book of life.
• Forgive us for rejecting You in the past and for thinking that we can be good on our own.
• Give us the wisdom and discernment who to share the Gospel with.
• Have mercy upon those that have rejected your message through us and we ask that you continue to send people to share your love with them.
• We ask that everyone we share Jesus with will have your Grace and run to Jesus.
• Thank You that Your will is for all to be saved and none to perish.
• Thank You that You give everyone one the grace at least once in their lives to receive Jesus in their hearts.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen

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  1. Deepa Daryanani
    15 December 2023 @ 12:47

    AMEN ! 🙏👍👏👏😊


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