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Simple Meaning Of Grace


(2 Peter 1:2) “May grace and peace be yours in abundance through full knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord!”

(2 Corinthians 12:8-9) “I pleaded with the Lord three times to take it away from me, but he has told me, ‘My grace is all you need, because my power is perfected in weakness.’ Therefore, I will most happily boast about my weaknesses, so that the Messiah’s power may rest on me.”

(Psalms 119:165) “Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.”



Some years back, when I asked a Hindu in Spain how he was doing, he answered by saying “All is good by God’s grace”. I was shocked by the answer as this is normally how a Christian would answer. So I asked him if he knew what the meaning of grace was. He had no answer. Many of us throw the word “grace” around without knowing what it really means.

Even though one could spend a whole year just studying grace, here is a little example of how to understand it. Imagine you leave your house instructing your children not to play with the football inside the house. Obviously, when you leave, the first thing they do is to start to play with the football inside the house. When you return home, your smart TV is completely destroyed and it’s clear that they disobeyed.

Instead of punishing them for their direct disobedience, and shouting at them, you smile at them to show you still love them and take them all out for ice cream. This is grace in its most innocent form. Not getting the punishment we deserve and getting the benefits we are not worthy of. You had all the right to punish them first of all for the great damage caused and second because they completely ignored your instructions. Believe me that this type of unconditional love will impact them so deeply that they will never play football again inside the house or disobey as often.

We have all sinned against God and deserve separation in Hell from Him forever. But instead, God sent Jesus to pay for our sins on the cross and has forgiven us. And on top of that, He has given us the authority in the Spiritual to live an abundant life in the natural. The grace of God covers all the areas of our lives that are weak or unable to please Him. But in order to benefit from this grace, you have to surrender to Jesus Christ as your only Lord and savior.

The Grace given to the Apostle Paul was sufficient for him to continue facing the attacks of Satan and to continue fighting the good fight till the end. It gives you the complete peace that God is in control and no matter what you face, it will always be well with you. Grace represents God’s love in your life, and perfect love will drive away any form of fear or doubt. Through God’s grace, you have all you will ever need for anything your will ever face.



The key for grace and peace to grow and operate in your life is the Word of God. The more you read and obey the Word, the more His peace and grace will overflow.




• Heavenly Father, You are a refuge for the oppressed, Lord You have heard the desire of the humble, He who hears the cry of the afflicted.
• Thank You, Father, for Your grace that is more than enough for us to face any challenge.
• Forgive us for taking your grace of a new day of life for granted.
• Thank You that instead of punishing us for our sins, you offer forgiveness if we repent and surrender to Christ.
• We ask that as we grow in our knowledge of Christ, we will increase in Your grace and peace.
• We declare that we are victorious in every area of our lives because of the grace upon us.
• Help us to love Your law so that great peace will be with us and that nothing will offend us.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen

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  1. Deepa Daryanani
    23 November 2023 @ 14:15

    AMEN ! 👍🙌🙏👏💯


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