Spiritual Jealousy

Don´t Speak your promises from God to anyone.
As Christians we are in constant communion with God and He tends to speak to us and give revelation about our purpose for salvation and what He is going to use us for.  It is His will for us to achieve the full potential we have through Christ. We receive visions, dreams, revelation from Scripture, and promises that confirm or guide us in His plans.  But as human beings we are constantly in doubt about what we have heard or read in the Bible wondering if it was from the Holy Spirit or just wishful thinking. 
Therefore, we tend to share and expose to everyone what God has revealed to us in secret about ourselves concerning His will.  We do this as a safeguard in case we made a mistake interpreting what has been revealed.  At the same time we have a need to have someone else also believe what God has revealed to us. Some of these revelations are so beyond our imagination that we simply feel as if we are not ready to blindly obey and make radical decisions that will affect our current lifestyle.
For example, if God has called you to be in full time ministry as a pastor, then you will definitely start taking steps towards having deeper Bible studies, memorizing scripture, practicing your skills in public speaking;  brushing up on your musical talents and focusing more on being active in your local church meetings.  There will definitively be steps to be taken towards reducing the extra time you spend at work, socializing with the world and its temptations.  But if you go around telling that to others, including your pastor, then you will find people that will destroy that dream and vision for your life.  This is to be expected as so far you have not been the greatest example of a committed Christian brother and there are probably some hidden sins you are battling with.
What if you are called for the missions in a Third world country?  If you are married with children and responsibilities, debts, house and car payments…etc. First of all your spouse has to be committed to the same vision and calling.  Your children have to be of an age where their education will not be affected.  Cross cultural transitional living is not everyone’s cup of tea.  How can you ever dream about leaving all your comforts behind and going to preach the Gospel in an anti-Christian country, depending on others supporting you and your family financially?  These are the kind of questions that brothers and sisters in the church will challenge you with, thus raising giants of fear before you.
If you are single, without a job or any future prospects over the horizon, and God promises you a spouse that very year, what will you do then?  Will you be able to start making plans for a wedding and all the expenses that follow in your current financial situation?  If you listen to man, No!  But if God has spoken it to you in your heart and has ignited that fire, He will do a miracle that will back up his promise in your life.
All these hindrances inevitably arise within your heart, but they will be multiplied by the voices of men and women who do not share your vision or see you the way God sees you.
But the most important hindrance you will encounter when you share God’s great plan for your life will be Spiritual jealousy.  Yes!  Spiritual Jealousy.   Take the example of Joseph in the Bible.  Twice he received a dream from God about his older brothers bowing down before him in submission.  He was Jacob’s favorite child, being Rachel’s firstborn.   Therefore he was favored above his brothers and not made to do the hard labor his siblings were subject to on a daily basis.  When his brothers heard the vision, they were aroused with jealousy and resentment towards him.  They ended up faking his death and selling him to slavery.  This was the outcome of Joseph’s big mouth and immaturity regarding what God had revealed to him. 
Now let’s look on the contrary at other 2 characters in the bible that were mature enough spiritually to be cautious about what they did and heard regarding the Spiritual things of God.
First we have Nehemiah in (Neh 2:12) “And I arose in the night, I and some few men with me; neither told I any man what my God had put in my heart to do at Jerusalem: neither was there any beast with me, save the beast that I rode upon.”
 He was on a mission to rebuild the city of Jerusalem and he knew that there was mockery and opposition from surrounding tribes.  Thus he departed in secret to scope the land at night and then make a plan on how to start rebuilding the walls of the fallen city.  He did not inform or consult any man regarding this instruction which God had placed in his heart.  He kept it to himself and did in secret what was supposed to be done as a pre-strategy of recognizing the damage and surrounding landscape.
Next we have Saul in (1 Sam 10:14-16) “And Saul’s uncle said unto him and to his servant, whither went ye? And he said, to seek the asses: and when we saw that they were nowhere, we came to Samuel. And Saul’s uncle said, Tell me, I pray thee, what Samuel said unto you. And Saul said unto his uncle, He told us plainly that the asses were found. But of the matter of the kingdom, whereof Samuel spoke, he told him not.” 
Saul had been anointed as king of Israel in secret by the prophet Samuel in verse 1 of the same chapter. He was informed by Samuel that the Spirit of God would come upon him and change him into a new man and that he would start to prophesy.  When Saul’s uncle pleaded with him to tell him what the prophet had spoken, Saul revealed only insignificant natural words spoken by Samuel, but kept the deeper spiritual matters to himself.  This was wise of him so as not to have any negative comments or words spoken against him before God’s promise was completed.  He probably still did not fully believe or understand what he had experienced on his journey.  This is a common reaction when we are used to seeing with our physical eyes instead of our spiritual ones.
Samuel announced Saul as king in front of the people in verse 24, and in verse 27 the children of Belial expressed their, jealousy, doubt and negativity about his calling.  If these words would have been heard before the completion of the promise it could have created further doubt in Saul’s heart thus hindered God’s plan for Saul’s life.  Regardless of how Saul’s life turned out, there is no doubt that he was wise in keeping God’s revelation to himself until the appointed time by God.
This should be our attitude regarding anything we hear from God about answered prayers and visions about our ministry.  Keep it secure within your heart and only share it with your prayer partner or your pastor if your calling does not supercede his own.  Only then will you be able to nurture it and protect it from the grasp of Satan, who will try to destroy that plan for your life by bringing temptations and trials in your life to weaken your faith in what you have heard. 

God is faithful to his promises and no matter how immense or unbelievable the promise or vision you have received from God, remember that He is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than what we think or desire.