Prayer Arrows for A Successful Marriage.

Prayer  Arrows for a Successful  Marriage.  


The following list of prayers is suggestions on how to pray specifically for one´s marriage either for the future or current marital status.  They are not necessarily to be recited as a “mantra” unless this exercise helps you to mature in your prayer expression. They are prayers based on scriptures to help us focus on what to pray for when we are interceding for our spouse or marriage.
We forget that the confession of our mouth is what gives us access to the power in the blood of Jesus. Therefore it is important to speak (pray) these kinds of words over our lives in order to make sure that we have personally closed and rejected all evil ordinances and put them on the cross. 

Scripture Meditation:

(Heb. 13:4); (1 Cor. 7:2-5, 39); (1 Tim.4: 1-3); (2 Cor. 11:2); (Eph. 5:31), (Eccl 4:9-10), (1 Pet. 4:8)…. Please feel free to add any other scriptures in the comment section below as the Lord leads you.


1.) Almighty God, I know from Your Word that you are the designer of the marriage institution and the key to its success.  Therefore, I thank you for making me eligible for marriage.
2.) Today, I repent of my sins and confess Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, asking for forgiveness and mercy upon my life.
3.) Father, help me to know You, serve You, and to walk empowered by your Holy Spirit.
4.) I repent of my pride, apathy and prayerlessness in my life today.
5.) Right now, I close every door I have personally opened to the enemy and receive Your cleansing now in Jesus name.
6.) I plead the blood of Jesus for my forgiveness and deliverance today.
7.) I receive power today to obey God and to walk in His will for my life.
8.) By the blood of Jesus, I receive mercy and make atonement for the innocent blood I have shed through abortion, in Jesus name.
9.) I ask for forgiveness if my current marriage was done against or without the counsel of my Spiritual Leaders.  I ask for the blood of Jesus to cover the negative consequences of that decision and to have mercy on my relationship.
10.) By the blood of Jesus, I receive freedom from the consequences of my past sinful life of sexual immorality, adultery or lust.
11.) Let my God arise today, and let the enemies of my marriage be wasted, in Jesus name.
12.) Today, I renounce and cancel the evil marriage patterns in my father and mother´s bloodline, in Jesus name.
13.) I reject the baton of marriage failure to be passed down into my generation, in Jesus name.
14.) By the blood of Jesus, I release myself from the marriage captivity of my roots.
15.) I break every anti-marriage curse that may be flowing in my foundation, in Jesus name.
16.) Let the evil dedication of my father and mother´s bloodline break and let me go, in Jesus name.
17.) I bind the strongman of delayed marriage, marriage failure and barrenness, in the name of Jesus.
18.) I speak to the foundations of marriage as part of my heritage, receive the blood of Jesus.
19.) I command the satanic arrows directed at my marriage to be consumed by fire. In Jesus name.
20.) I cancel and neutralize every evil law, instruction or decree that has been working against my marriage or marriage ambitions, in Jesus name.
21.) I command every satanic garment, stain or symbol of shame in my marriage to be consumed, in Jesus name.
22.) Every evil eye monitoring my marital status and progress: Receive permanent blindness, in Jesus name.
23.) Every evil power making me to look older than my age: be uprooted out of my life.
24.) I command every power draining away my spiritual strength and virtue to perish by fire, in the name of Jesus.
25.) Father, let every evil mark or evil perfume in my body be erased by the blood of Jesus and replaced by the mark of righteousness and the aroma of Christ.
26.) I command every satanic claim over my marriage ambitions to be frustrated, in Jesus name.
27.) I command every evil marriage certificates, clothing and pictures kept at marine altars against me to catch fire and be consumed. In Jesus name.
28.) I revoke every curse of barrenness, singleness and marital failure.
29.) Every power that says that I will not marry or enjoy my marriage…you are a liar!
30.) I command every altar that has been raised in order for me to fail at marriage to collapse and catch fire, in Jesus name.
31.) My testimony shall make the diviners that spoke against me to be confused and afraid.
32.) I make a deaf ear to every satanic counsel against my marriage and receive the truth of God´s purpose in Jesus name.
33.) I command every seed of delayed marriage, marital failure or barrenness in my life to die and loose its potency in Jesus name.
34.) I bind and cast out you spirits of rejection, disfavor, disappointment, shame, frustration, confusion; spirits of delay, hindrance, stagnancy, failure, premature death, and loss of hope, in Jesus name.