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Start Moving Forward


(Isaiah 30:21) “And whether you turn to the right or turn to the left, your ears will hear a message behind you: ‘This is the way, walk in it.’”

(Psalms 37:23) “A man’s steps are established by the LORD, and the LORD delights in his way.”

(Psalms 32:8) “I will instruct you and teach you concerning the path you should walk; I will direct you with my eye.”



There is no point in moving the steering wheel in a car unless you are in motion. Otherwise, you are just playing a child’s game, and exerting extra effort that makes you go nowhere. Many of us live this way and want God to first move the steering wheel for us and then we will start the car and drive. We live with such fear at times that we will only put our faith into action after God speaks to us clearly enough to satisfy our lack of confidence. This is not the way God wants us to live. Yes, we have to ask Him first before we take any step in life, but we can’t be paralyzed in our faith because we don’t receive a clear answer.

If you have surrendered to Jesus Christ as your only Lord, then you are now His responsibility and have given Him control of your life. Therefore, He will make sure that you have all you need in order to walk in His ways, to accomplish His purpose, and He will warn you when you get distracted. But this requires you to take the first step and start to move forward.

We read in Isaiah that the Lord will be right behind you and instruct you, which means that you have already started to move ahead as He is guiding you. He is not pulling your boat with a rope, but He is sitting at the back steering the oar as you move forward.

If you are worried about making the wrong choice and going against God’s commandments, then you are the perfect candidate. It is those who think they already know everything and are always right who end up breaking God’s commandments. The Holy Spirit will guide you, warn you and teach you all things the moment you start to trust in God’s promises and move forward. If you constantly doubt your ability to succeed once you have surrendered to Christ, you are doubting Christ who lives in you.

Some people wait to be holy and without any sin before surrendering to Christ, this will never happen as He is the one who has to sanctify, forgive and cleanse you from all your sins. No one is good enough to be in God’s presence without first being cleansed by the blood of Jesus.

If you are waiting to have all the answers before moving forward with God’s calling, then you will keep on waiting your whole life and miss out. You will end up sitting on the sidelines watching others play the game and score.

The same goes for those that are waiting for God to do something for them before they completely surrender to Christ. If God does answer a prayer of healing, prosperity, or deliverance, it is purely out of His love for you, not because He needs you. Therefore, don’t jeopardize your chances of salvation by insisting on God to do what you are demanding Him to do.



Don’t wait for perfection in order to go ahead with anything God has put in your heart. Only when you start to move forward with God’s plan can He make all things perfect for you.




• Father, You are awesome in Your doing toward sons of men, the shield of my help, the heavenly Bread.
• Thank You that You constantly watch over us and are concerned with everything we do.
• Thank You that You desire for us to know your will and to walk in it.
• Forgive us for being frozen by fear of failure, fear of what will people say, and fear of losing what we have.
• Forgive us for wanting everything perfect before taking a step of faith.
• We ask that today You will increase our faith and confidence in Your promises.
• Continue to guide us in all we do and say.
• We move forward by faith knowing that You will take us to our divine destiny.
• We walk by faith and not by sight knowing that Your angels are there to protect us.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen

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