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Don’t Ever Forget His Benefits


(Psalms 103:2-6) “Bless the LORD, My soul, and never forget any of his benefits: He continues to forgive all your sins, he continues to heal all your diseases, he continues to redeem your life from the Pit, and he continually surrounds you with gracious love and compassion. He keeps satisfying you with good things, and he keeps renewing your youth like the eagle’s. The LORD continually does what is right, executing justice for all who are being oppressed.”


I am sometimes amazed at how easily we forget all the things God has done for us. What were we before He gave us a new life through Christ? What did we have to offer God that was pure, unconditional, or everlasting? Actually nothing. Our patience was limited, our friendship was one-sided, our love was conditioned on being loved in return, and our giving to the poor was without compassion but rather accompanied by a judgmental and proud attitude.

Many of us don’t even recognize God as the giver of all things, but we take the credit and continue to believe that we don’t need to acknowledge Him. Atheists are known for this and a common trait is their pride in being self-sufficient, self-righteous, and with no need for any kind of forgiveness or repentance.

We were also at one point in our lives self-righteous demanding God to accept all our good deeds. Most of us were liars, thieves, committing adultery in our hearts, manipulative, chasing money and fame, drunkards, going from one relationship to another…etc. Basically, human beings who confessed to believe in God but deep down hated His commandments and rebelled against them. This was the reality for many of us before God decided to call us to be His children.

When we put all this in perspective and see all God has not only done for us but continues to do, we have no choice but to praise Him and continue to thank Him for all His benefits. He continues to forgive us every time we confess our sins. He continues to heal our spiritual and physical diseases. Even if make wrong choices, He continues to pull us out of the pit and surround us with His love.

We are promised to be satisfied with good things and we are constantly renewed in strength. And He always does what is right and brings justice to every situation making sure we are no longer oppressed by Satan or anyone who is under Satan`s control.

Don’t forget to continue blessing Him daily for the great things God has done and continues to do through Jesus and the work on the cross. We don’t deserve them, nor can we earn them, He does it simply because He loves us.



A good way to acknowledge all God has done for us is to love and forgive others and to give to those in need.




• Father, You are The Potter, God with no partiality, A tried, precious cornerstone.
• Thank You, Father, that you continue to bless us and take care of every need.
• Forgive us for taking You for granted and for not giving you the glory for all we have.
• Teach us how to recognize your hand and your provision in everything we have.
• We ask you right now to forgive us all our sins.
• We ask you to heal all our diseases.
• Save us from the wrong choices we have made.
• Continue to surround us with Your gracious love and compassion.
• We ask you to keep satisfying us with good things and keep renewing our youth like the eagles.
• Thank You for being the LORD who continually does what is right, executing justice for all who are being oppressed.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen

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