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Think Before You Commit


(Luke 14:26-30) “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father, mother, wife, children, brothers, and sisters, as well as his own life, he can’t be my disciple. Whoever doesn’t carry his cross and follow me can’t be my disciple.”

“Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. He will first sit down and estimate the cost to see whether he has enough money to finish it, won’t he? Otherwise, if he lays a foundation and can’t finish the building, everyone who watches will begin to ridicule him and say, ‘This person started a building but couldn’t finish it.’”



In this passage, Jesus makes it very clear that following Him is not something to be taken lightly. Keeping His commandments and following in His footsteps will not be an easy task. The world, your friends, the government, and even your family might rise up against you. Even if your family professes to be followers of Christ, the moment you start to take your spiritual walk seriously, it will make them uncomfortable. Every radical believer that pursues holiness above all things has at one point or another faced this challenge. Jesus faced it himself when his own family and people from His hometown rejected Him for calling Himself God.

It might be shocking to some to read that Jesus commands us to “hate” our family, but we have to understand that He does not refer to hate as we understand it. Rather, He is talking about not taking to heart their negative opinions or emotional blackmail that might stop us from serving God with all that we are. It would not make sense for Jesus to contradict Himself by first commanding us to “love our neighbors as ourselves” and later to put “hating our family” as a condition to follow Him.

Jesus knows that many will give up easily as they face the trials and tribulations common to anyone who chooses to live in holiness. He knows that we will fail many times, we will want to give up, and we will get insulted and abandoned. Therefore, He advises us to first sit down and think about all the things we are willing to give up before we chose to be His disciples. If we leave Him after confessing Him to be all-powerful, all-loving, the one that can heal us, our deliverer, and our provider, we tarnish not only our name but His as well.

Personally, I failed at this task and did not count the cost, thus rejecting my calling for a season. Sure, things might not always work out in my favor at this very moment, but in the end, I will be victorious when I stand blameless facing my Creator, and spend eternity in His presence.

(“To follow Jesus means to discover what you were born to be, pay the price required, and spend the rest of your life pursuing it to the point of excellence! Once you catch a glimpse of ‘the high calling’, you’ll get up earlier, stay up later, and say ‘no’ more often, because you understand God’s will for you.” – Bob Gass)


If I am not willing to sacrifice everything that is dear to me, even myself and my deepest desires, I have no chance of success.




• Heavenly Father, Your name is great, it is above every name, blessed be Your glorious name which is exalted above all blessings and praise.
• Thank You for understanding our struggles and weaknesses.
• Thank You for being a God that is close to us and has compassion upon us when we fail.
• Forgive us for not taking our commitment to follow You, Jesus, seriously.
• We ask that we will be able to completely surrender and continue to exalt your name in all we do.
• For Your name’s sake, we ask that You will give us victory in all we do for Your kingdom.
• Let us not give up and give the world a reason to mock your people.
• Help us to take up the cross, die to our desires and weaknesses, and to understand that we now belong to You, Jesus.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty name. Amen

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