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Time To Get Over It!


(1 Samuel 16:1) “The LORD told Samuel, ‘How long will you grieve over Saul, since I’ve rejected him from being king over Israel? Fill your horn with oil and go. I’m sending you to Jesse from Bethlehem because I’ve chosen for myself one of his sons as king.’”

(2 Samuel 12:21-23) “His staff asked him, ‘What’s this about? When the child was alive, you fasted and cried. Now that the child has died, you get up and eat!’ He answered, ‘When the child was alive, I fasted and cried. I asked myself, ‘Who knows? Maybe the LORD will show grace to me and the child will live.’ But now that he has died, what’s the point of fasting? Can I bring him back again? I’ll be going to be with him, but he won’t be returning to me.’”



There are people you have lost that you simply cannot bring back and there are things that happened in the past that you can do nothing about. There are also those whom you trusted, trained, or put your hopes on, and then they ended up backstabbing you or failing to achieve their full potential. All you can do is look ahead, get over it, and continue with your daily tasks and responsibilities. I know, it sounds cruel, but if you don’t face this reality with a cold shower, you will be stuck where you are emotionally, spiritually, and in your overall experience of life.

We have all been brutally devastated by how people we sacrificed time and energy for, ended up not only rejecting us but standing up against us. There are those that have drifted away so far that pursuing them again would require for you to give up on your current goals. When God says it’s over, it’s over! Don’t try and bring back to life a relationship, a ministry, a business or even a desire that God no longer wants to bless.

The prophet Samuel was utterly devastated at how Saul had failed to keep God’s instructions. Saul was the first chosen King of Israel as a nation, and Samuel had the privilege of revealing this to him, anointing him, and being his mentor. God saw Saul’s disobedience and decreed that the kingdom was now taken away from him. Saul was the past, but Samuel was so disappointed at this utter failure that he could not clearly recognize David, the future of Israel.

King David suffered the loss of his firstborn because of adultery, but He understood that God allowed things to happen for a reason, and that when God says it’s over, it’s over. He tried all he could to see if there was any mercy from God towards his son, but once his son died, he simply shook it off and continued with his responsibility as King.

Some things regarding your past are important to mention when you are giving a testimony about Christ’s faithfulness and provision, just make sure it’s not for people to have pity on you. If they only hear tragedy, then it’s for your glory, if it’s a tale of victory then it’s for His glory.



An excellent way to know if you are still not over your past is if everyone you meet gets to hear the same sad and tragic story.




• Heavenly Father, You will not keep Your anger for ever. There is forgiveness with You. With You there is abundant redemption.
• Thank You, Father, for you give us new beginnings and make all things new.
• Thank You, for helping us to move forward toward the wonderful things You have prepared for us.
• Forgive us for being stuck on hurts, people, disappointments, and failures from our past.
• We release today any regret or sorrow from the past and receive the next step in our lives.
• We surrender to you those things which we cannot change.
• Teach us how to share our painful past for Your glory and Your glory alone.
• We declare that all we have suffered will reflect Your faithfulness.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty name. Amen

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