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What About My Failures?


(Philippians 1:12) “Now I want you to know, brothers, that what has happened to me has actually caused the gospel to advance.”

(Proverbs 24:16) “for though a righteous man falls seven times, he will rise again, but the wicked stumble into calamity.”

(Isaiah 61:7) “Instead of your shame you will receive double, and instead of disgrace people will shout with joy over your inheritance; therefore you will inherit a double portion in their land; everlasting joy will be yours.”



Think of that one time in your life you wish you could go back and do it over or erase from everyone’s mind. Most probably it was when you failed someone or at something. A failed business, failed relationship, failed education, failed project or invention…etc. No matter what that embarrassing moment is, it will never stop existing and will always be there. Your only option is to learn from it and try to change what went wrong the next time you try. If you ask anyone what was one of their secrets to success in life, they will first mention their failures.

God does not give up on you every time you fail Him, and neither should you. Failure is the best teacher and your experience through it makes you stronger. Some people are so negatively affected by failure to the point that they completely give up on ever trying again. This should not be the case for any disciple of Jesus Christ, as the promises of God for restoration are true and powerful. God did not choose you to know Him because of your success, but He loves you and chose you despite your constant failures.

God started a work in you that He will complete, and getting up each time you fall is part of that procedure. If you have surrendered to Jesus and love God, He will take every failure in your past and use it to push you into a bright future. This is a promise we can only claim when we have decided to trust Christ, otherwise, we will continue to fail in life and suffer the consequences.

When we take God’s hand, those who have seen you down and low, will be amazed at the heights God will take you. Those who were your greatest oppressors will applaud your persistence and become your supporters. You will go from being tolerated to being celebrated and cherished.

Apostle Paul realized that every hardship he faced helped him to grow in his faith and to preach the Gospel with more conviction and power. It’s time we start to do the same and use our past failures to teach others of what mistakes to avoid in life and how Christ has changed our shame to double honor.



Failure might be human, but not giving up and continuing to trust God is a divine quality.



• Heavenly Father, You are He who upholds the widows and the fatherless. The Lord who watches over the strangers, He who loves the stranger giving him food and clothing.
• Thank You, Lord, that no failure in our past is too large for us to overcome.
• Thank You for not giving up on us every time we fail to do what is right.
• Forgive us for every time we have failed because of our sin and disobedience.
• Forgive us for not running to You for help and restoration when we have failed.
• Give us the wisdom to choose wisely and do what is Your will.
• Help us to get up every time we fail and to continue to hold on to your promises of favor, prosperity, and success.
• We declare that for our shame we will receive double honor.
• Instead of disgrace people will shout with joy over our inheritance.
• We will inherit a double portion in their land; and everlasting joy will be ours.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen


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