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The Ultimate Miracle


(1 Kings 17:3-4) “Leave here and go into hiding at the Wadi Cherith, where it enters the Jordan River. You will be able to drink from that brook, and I’ve commanded some crows to sustain you there.”

(vs 9) “Get up, move to Zarephath in Sidon, and stay there. Look! I’ve commanded a widow to sustain you there.”

(vs 15-16) “So she went out and did precisely what Elijah told her to do. As a result, Elijah, the widow, and her son were fed for days. The jar of flour never ran out and the bottle of oil never became empty, just as the LORD had promised through Elijah.”

(1 Kings 18:19) “So go gather all of Israel to meet me on Mount Carmel. Bring along 450 prophets of Baal and 400 prophets of the Asherah who are funded at Jezebel’s expense.”


One of Elijah’s most memorable miracles was when he prayed and fire came down from heaven and burnt up the animal offering, wood, and stone which were in a ditch drenched with water. All the other false prophets prayed and performed rituals the whole day to their false gods for fire to come down as well but nothing happened. Elijah then commanded all these false prophets to be gathered and executed. God used Elijah to show His amazing power publically, but in order to get to that point, Elijah had to go first through certain stages of obedience.

Before you can raise someone from the dead, you will have to be obedient to pray for someone who has back pain, then maybe lay hands on someone who is sick in the hospital and then someone who might be in a wheelchair. God will test your obedience and faith to do what He is asking you to do in the right place at the right time. This is how we go from glory to glory and increase our level of faith.

Elijah was first instructed to go and hide in a specific place from king Ahab, where he would have plenty of water to drink during a time of drought. Anywhere else, he would have been found and suffered thirst. Then He was promised that God would command crows to supply him with food there for a season. Which was exactly what happened. God will keep His promises when we take steps of faith and do what we are asked to do so.

Once the famine was in full motion, Elijah was instructed to go to a widow who even though she did not have enough food for her and her son, would be used by God to feed Elijah. Imagine going to a widow and boldly saying, “feed me first even if there is not enough for your family, and God will take care of your needs.” And consider the faith the widow had to have to sacrifice all she had, even what she needed to feed her son because the man of God told her to.

As a result, her food never ran out and this divine connection gave way to a miracle where some years later Elijah resurrected the son of the widow from the dead after he had fallen sick.



Just like Elijah and the widow, it’s these small steps of obedience that lead us to the ultimate miracle that God is preparing us for.




• Heavenly Father, You are God who gives the desolate a home to dwell. You are lily of the valleys, the rose of Sharon, a cluster of henna blossoms, and a bundle of myrrh.
• Thank You, Father, that You keep all Your promises if we obey Your instructions.
• Thank You, that you are preparing us for the ultimate miracle that will bring everyone to glorify Your name.
• Forgive us for doubting any of the instructions you have ever given us, and for trying to use our logic instead of our faith.
• Give us the boldness to do whatever You ask us to do without caring what others will say or think of us.

We ask for that divine connection with the man of God who will help us get our miracle in a time of need.

• Keep on preparing us for that great miracle that will once and for all show everyone that You are the One True Living God.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen

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