1000 Praises To God For Deliverance

Here you have a list of Biblical descriptions and attributes of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. They are statements that become praise and worship when we use them in prayer. I guarantee that if you take the time to recite them in prayer, first of all, you will learn more about the Trinity, and at the same time no spirit that is tormenting you will be able to resist hearing these truths about God.

They are based on biblical verses, therefore, they are medicine for your bones and when you meditate on them day and night everything you do will prosper. I encourage you to join the angels who are constantly praising the Lord in this way.

We will be adding more descriptions until we reach 1000. May God use this to free you from the chains of oppression. As you start to have results with this exercise, make a comment with your testimony of deliverance.




1You Are Abba FatherMatthew 5:48
2You Are Loving Father1 John 3:1
3You Are Everlasting FatherIsaiah 9:6
4Heavenly FatherRomans 8:15
5You Are Father Of SpiritsHebrews 12:9
6You Are Father Of LightsJames 1:17
7You Are Father Of Mercies2 Corinthians 1:3
8You Are Father Of GloryEphesians 1:17
9You Are Father Who Created MeDeuteronomy 32:6
10You Are Our Righteous FatherJohn 17:25
11You Are Father Who Established MeDeuteronomy 32:6
12You Are My FatherMatthew 6:18
13You Are The One Father Of AllMalachi 2:10
14You Are Father Of Our Lord Jesus Christ2 Corinthians 1:3
15 You Are The Father Who Lets Everything That Has Breath Praise YouPsalms 150:6
16You Are The Father Who Is In SecretMatthew 6:6
17You Are The Father Of The JustMatthew 13:43
18You Are The Father Of IsraelJeremiah 31:9
19You Are The Living FatherJohn 6:57
20You Are The Father Who Takes Good Pleasure In Giving Us The KingdomLuke 12:32
21You Are The High GodDaniel 4:2
22You Are A Great GodPsalms 95:3
23You Are The God Of GodsPsalms 136:2
24You Are The Living God1 Timothy 3:15
25You Are The God Of Love1 John 4:8
26You Are The God Of All Comfort2 Corinthians 1:3
27You Are God EternalDeuteronomy 33:27
28You Are The Father Of Our Lord Jesus Christ2 Corinthians 1:3
29You Are The God Of Patience And ComfortRomans 15:5
30Jesus, You Are The God Of GloryActs 7:2
31You Are The God Of My MercyPsalms 59:17
32You Are God Who Called Me By His GraceGalatians 1:15
33You Are The God Of Abraham, Isaac And JacobExodus 3:15
34We Celebrate You, Because You Are Good; And Your Mercy Is Forever1 Chronicles 16:34
35I Will Praise You As Long As I Live, Singing Praises To You While I ExistPsalms 146:2
36You Are The God Of JeshurunDeuteronomy 33:26
37You Are The God Of IsraelJoshua 7:13
38You Are The God Of Elijah2 Kings 2:14
39You Are The God Of DavidIsaiah 38:5
40You Are The God Of DanielDaniel 6:26
41You Are The God Of Shadrach, Meshach, And AbednegoDaniel 3:28
42You Are Father GodTitus 1:4
43You Are The God Of Our FathersEzra 7:27
44You Are The God Of My FatherExodus 15:2
45Jehovah Is The God Of The Hills And The Valleys1 Kings 20:28
46You Are The God Who Answers Our PrayersIsaiah 65:24
47You Are The God Of The Whole EarthIsaiah 54:5
48You Are God Over All, The One Who Is Forever BlessedRomans 9:5
49You Are God Over All The Kingdoms On EarthIsaiah 37:16
50You Are The God Of Heaven And EarthEzra 5:11
51You Are God In Heaven Above And On The Earth BeneathJoshua 2:11
52You Are God Who Rules Over Jacob Till The Ends Of The EarthPsalms 59:13
53You Are A Wonder Working GodExodus 15:11
54You Are Mighty GodIsaiah 9:6
55You Are Almighty GodGenesis 17:1
56You Rule Over The Majestic SeaPsalms 89:9
57You Are The True God1 Thessalonians 1:9
58You Are The Only True GodJohn 17:3
59You Are The Only God, The Father1 Corinthians 8:6
60You Are The Only Wise God1 Timothy 1:17
61You Are The Father Of GloryEphesians 1:17
62We Will Call On You In The Day Of Distress; You Will Deliver Us, And We Will Glorify You Psalms 50:15
63You Are God Jehovah, Owner Of The Stolen Ark By The Philistines1 Samuel 6:2
64You Are The God Of TruthIsaiah 65:16
65You Are God Who Keeps His Promises1 Kings 8:56
66You Are God Who Keeps The CovenantDaniel 9:4
67You Are God, The Source Of HopeRomans 15:13
68You Are Merciful GodDeuteronomy 4:31
69You Are God, Who Is Rich In MercyEphesians 2:4
70You Are The God Of My RighteousnessPsalms 4:1
71You Are God Of All VengeancePsalms 94:1
72You Are A God Of Truth And Without IniquityDeuteronomy 32:4
73You Are Lord God Of The Heavenly ArmiesPsalms 89:8
74You Are My God, My GodMatthew 27:46
75You Are God My CreatorDeuteronomy 32:18
76You Are God Who Sees MeGenesis 16:13
77You Are Jehovah Who Appeared To AbrahamGenesis 12:7
78You Are God Of The Spirits Of All FleshNumbers 16:22
79You Are God Who Is Blessed Through All The Ages2 Corinthians 11:31
80You Are God Who Lives ForeverDeuteronomy 32:40
81You Are God Who Shall Reign For Ever And EverExodus 15:18
82You Are The Lord, The One Who Made The World By His PowerJeremiah 10:12
83You Are The God Of Gods, The Lord Of Kings, And The Revealer Of SecretsDaniel 2:47
84You Are My God And My KingPsalms 145:1
85You Are Our Great GodPsalms 77:13
86You Are God Who Supplies All My NeedsPhilippians 4:19
87You Are God Of RichesPhilippians 4:19
88You Are God Who Gives The Increase1 Corinthians 3:7
89You Are God Who Gives Us The Victory1 Corinthians 15:57
90You Are God Of Peace1 Thessalonians 5:23
91You Are A God Who Is Angry With Sinners Every DayPsalms 7:11
92You Are God Who Established The World By His WisdomJeremiah 10:12
93You Are God Who Forgives UsPsalms 99:8
94You Are The Performer Of Awesome DeedsPsalms 78:4
95You Are The Blessed God1 Timothy 1:11
96You Are The God Of My SalvationPsalms 24:5
97You Are God Our Saviour1 Timothy 2:3
98You Are My God, Who Is The Health Of My CountenancePsalms 42:11
99You Are God, My Exceeding JoyPsalms 43:4
100You Are God Who Makes All ThingsEcclesiastes 11:5