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Avoiding People


(Isaiah 43:19) “Watch! I’m about to carry out something new! And now it’s springing up—don’t you recognize it? I’m making a way in the wilderness and paths in the desert.”

(Ruth 1:15-16) “Naomi told Ruth, ‘Look, your sister-in-law has returned to her people and to her gods. Follow your sister-in-law!’ But Ruth answered, ‘Stop urging me to abandon you and to turn back from following you. Because wherever you go, I’ll go. Wherever you live, I’ll live. Your people will be my people, and your God, my God.’”

(Isaiah 61:7) “Instead of your shame you will receive double, and instead of disgrace people will shout with joy over your inheritance; therefore you will inherit a double portion in their land; everlasting joy will be yours.”




Expecting to get the same negative results from the same people or under the same circumstances is a dangerous way to live. Sure, your prior experience in life and your past are good teachers, but they are only good as long as God is not factored into the situation. We forget that God loves renewing the old, making new and wonderful things, and turning our mess into a miracle. He loves to surprise us by taking something or someone that failed in the past for us and turning it into an amazing testimony.

By saying that God will not repeat the same miracle again, or that He always will do things differently, we end up limiting God to our own understanding, and that is called idolatry. The one thing we can be sure of about God is that no one can truly understand, describe or completely know Him. All we can do is receive what He decides to reveal to us about Himself.

Therefore, just as we should not limit God to our personal opinion, we also should not limit the change He can bring into someone’s life, a government, or a particular situation.

Jacob was a lost cause because of his cunning attitude, and God changed His name and destiny, and he became the forefather to the 12 tribes of Israel. Sarah was too old to physically bear a child, but she gave birth at the age of 90. Naomi cursed herself and gave up on everyone, but Ruth, a heathen daughter-in-law, stuck by her and ended up giving Naomi the privilege of taking care of a baby that would continue the lineage to the Messiah.

Sometimes, we need to avoid toxic people, even blood relatives who are constantly hindering our progress in the Lord. However, we have to always make sure that we don’t do this with those that have created a God-bond with us. In other words, we cannot blindly take this step against those that are relatives through the Blood of Jesus. If all you do is end up avoiding people, you will end up not having anyone around you.



Don’t just avoid everyone because of their past with you, as God can change anyone and they might hold the key to God’s blessing for your current situation.




• Heavenly Father, Your words are very pure and tried. Your Word was to me joy and rejoicing of my heart. Your words do good to him who walks uprightly.
• Thank You, Father, that you can make all things new for us.
• Thank You, that nothing and no one can resist your divine touch.
• Forgive us for not giving people and situations a second chance.
• We submit all our negative experiences at Your feet.
• We declare that the same ones who brought us shame or insulted us will be used by You to bring us double honor.
• Those that before stood in our way, will now become our supporters and defend us.
• Everyone will shout for joy and glorify Your name for the great wonders we will inherit as Your children.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty name. Amen

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