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Avoiding Shipwreck


(Act 27:10-13) “‘Men, I see that during this voyage there will be hardship and a heavy loss not only of the cargo and ship, but also of our lives.’ But the centurion was persuaded by the pilot and the owner of the ship and not by what Paul said.

Since the harbor was not a good place to spend the winter, most of the men favored putting out to sea from there on the chance that somehow they could reach Phoenix and spend the winter there. It is a Cretian harbor that faces southwest and northwest.”

(Romans 8:14) “For all who are led by God’s Spirit are God’s children.”



Here are a few pointers in order for us to avoid crashing our boat into the rocks.  Without a doubt, you need to first invite Jesus into your boat. He has to be the captain, not the helping hand or the one you go to only when you are lost or a storm arises. We tend to do that with God.  We sail and sail into the deep open ocean, trusting only on our instruments, our experience, and what others say, instead of completely surrendering to the Master of the Seas, under whom even the storms stay still.

In Acts Chapter 27 we have the story of one of the 3 shipwrecks the Apostle Paul suffered.  Here we can see some of the mistakes that the crew made which led them to disaster, even though God had already warned them about it through Paul. 

First, they were not at ease or comfortable where they were supposed to stay put.  One needs to wait on God to give us a sign before we take a step in any direction. God will not base His will for us on our feelings or anxiety due to an uncomfortable situation or challenge.

Second, they ignored the warning given by Paul that they could lose their lives if they decided to sail.  Instead, they put their faith in what men said because of their experience out at sea. We need to obey the man of God even if it seems completely irrational or contrary to our knowledge.

Third, they trusted what they saw as a sign of safety or favor to sail, once again ignoring the unseen future that God had already warned them against through Paul.  The devil can also make things work out for your profit, just to make sure that you do not seek God and that your final destination will be hell.

(“The idea that circumstances will always line up favorably with God’s guidance is not scriptural.  God often leads through the wilderness, and He’ll never lead you anywhere that doesn’t require His provision and protection.  If you can get there without God – He didn’t send you.” – Bob Gass)


Only God’s true children seek Him first, depend completely on Him, and obey what He says without doubting His power to give us victory.




• Heavenly Father, You are a God at hand and not a God afar off, God who is enthroned forever. We praise you.
• We invite you, Jesus, into our boat today and give you total control. Take us to the other side where You have prepared for us rest and goodness.
• Forgive us for having ignored you all this time and for thinking that we could sail on our own.
• Forgive us for listening to the opinions and directions of others instead of waiting for the instructions from the Holy Spirit.
• Thank You for keeping us safe regardless of our disobedience.
• We declare that we are children of God because we are guided by the Holy Spirit in all things.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen

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