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Change Your Point Of View


(Genesis 41:51-52) “Joseph named his firstborn son Manasseh because, he said, ‘God has made me forget all of my hard life and my father’s house.’ He named his second son Ephraim because, he said, ‘God has made me fruitful in the land of my troubles.’”

(Romans 8:28) “And we know that for those who love God, that is, for those who are called according to his purpose, all things are working together for good.”



No one can change your past, what’s done is done, the only thing you can change is your point of view. The sooner you recognize how God has been working to bring you to this point in life, the better you will be able to enjoy what He has prepared. This includes seeing His loving hand especially during your darkest and loneliest times. He didn’t just create you and leave you to your own luck or Karma. He is your Creator and needs you to change your point of view.

Notice how the names Joseph gave his children were not focused on the pain and struggle he faced, but on how God brought him out in victory through it all. If you read his story, he had all the right to complain, hate his brothers and even curse God for allowing the injustice to happen. Punished and sold to slavery by his brothers for being the youngest and therefore favored by his father, Jacob. Falsely accused by his master’s wife of an attempt to rape her and imprisoned, because Joseph denied succumbing to her seduction.

All Joseph did was use the gift of interpreting dreams and visions, and was a man that feared God above all things. And all he got in return was hatred and false accusations. The youth most of us enjoy, Joseph spent as a slave doing forced labor and forgotten in prison. However, God did finally let him see that all that suffering had a divine purpose and that He was always caring for him.

I don’t want to compare myself to Joseph, but my wife and I have also suffered many things in life because we have chosen to follow Christ. Sometimes we have been treated worse than drug addicts because we have felt led to live by faith, that is, to work non-stop without expecting a secure monetary return.

However, as we have sat with Christ and looked back at the challenges faced, we have seen how much our faith has grown, how many have been delivered through this faith, and the scores of testimonies we have of God’s favor and love toward His children.

We had the choice to see our suffering through Satan’s eyes and feel sorry for ourselves, or we could trust that God loves us and that in the end, it will all work out.



Your point of view will change the pointless suffering into divine training.




• Heavenly Father, Thank You for Your compassions that fail not, for all Your benefits. Lord, You are clothed with honour and majesty.
• Thank You, Father, that You have prepared a good future for us and Your plans are always to bless us.
• Thank You, that no matter what we are going through, You are always aware of it.
• We thank you for the way You have supernaturally supplied our needs in difficult times.
• Forgive us for thinking that You don’t care about our suffering.
• Forgive us for doubting Your power to deliver us in our darkest moments.
• We proclaim today that You are good, that no matter what we suffer, we will always come out victorious.
• We declare that no one will be able to get away with any plan or scheme to hurt us.
• We choose today to change our point of view of our past and always declare Your faithfulness.
• Like Joseph, we too shall name all things to declare your love towards us.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty name. Amen

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