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God’s Co-Worker


(1 Corinthians 3:9) “For we are God’s co-workers. You are God’s farmland and God’s building.”

(John 15:7) “If you abide in me and my words abide in you, you can ask for anything you want, and you will receive it”.

(John 5:17) “But Jesus answered them, ‘My Father has been working until now, and I, too, am working.’”




How come God needs to work? What do you think He is working to get? It´s not money, riches, buildings, comfort, food, cars…etc. It’s for the one thing He does not own and dearly loves, that’s right, You! You belong to yourself and can either choose to surrender your soul to Christ or to the devil. So Christ is constantly working to make sure you notice Him, start to follow Him, and become His Co-worker.

We are to continue reaching out to more lost souls that need to hear about the availability of forgiveness for their sins. To experience and understand God’s unconditional love, supernatural power, an abundance of life, and joy and peace beyond our imagination. To set people free from the chains of dead religion and the lies of Satan. By partnering with God in His work, He will make sure your other work and needs are taken care of.

What an amazing privilege to work alongside God. Imagine working alongside someone who has knowledge of all things, all powerful, all resourceful, and all loving. When You work alongside the Creator, all you do will prosper, it will have a greater impact on your generation, and it will completely transform your life. We put in the work, but He brings the increase. When we are in partnership with God, our potential for success is unlimited – therefore, make your plans big.

By being His Co-worker, God starts to plant inside of us a divine seed that includes true potential, holiness, and strength. He starts to spiritually and emotionally edify us so that we represent His love and His power. Everyone who sees us will know we are working with God by the way we act and the things we say. So by remaining in Him, we will receive from Him, and be able to produce the fruits He desires. Not necessarily wealth and riches, but souls, which is the fruits He expects for working through you.



Christ is not a liar. If you are constantly asking and still not receiving, then you probably need to focus a little more on His way of doing things.




• Heavenly Father, You are a hiding place from the wind and a cover from the tempest. You are the Lord who will make darkness light before them and crooked places straight.
• Thank You, Father, that You neither sleep nor slumber and that You are constantly working to reach out to us.
• Thank You, that you chose to plant a divine seed within us and to edify us.
• Forgive us for focusing only on our needs and desires and pushing You aside.
• Forgive us for not understanding that Your priority is the souls we touch and not the wealth we gather.
• Give us today the understanding to partner with you as a co-worker.
• Teach us how to do things the way that it will bring fruits for eternity.
• We submit all we have and all we are at the feet of Jesus to be used for Your work.
• Because we abide in Christ and He abides in us, we declare that whatever we ask according to Your will, we will receive it in the land of the living.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty name. Amen

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