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Go Where God Sends You

(Hebrews 11:8) “By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going.”

(Deuteronomy 2:3) “You went around this mountain long enough. Turn northward.”

(Matthew 25:21) “His master told him, ‘Well done, good and trustworthy servant! Since you have been trustworthy with a small amount, I will put you in charge of a large amount. Come and share your master’s joy!’”


God knows your end from your beginning. He sees far ahead of what our limited eyes, imagination, or mind can perceive. Abraham was tried in his faith over and over again. He was asked to leave his comfort zone. To leave just about everything he knew and got accustomed to in order to receive what God was preparing for Him. Image yourself in that situation.

Could you do it if God asked you to pack up and move by this weekend? Leave all the friends and close relatives around your area? Forget about all the contacts and favor you received through them in the local shops, restaurants, banks, and other establishments? Have to relearn where the closest hospital, vet, Chinese store, mall, gym, bakery, bank, police station, or supermarkets are? And worst of all, will all these things be available where God takes you next?

Sure, a new place and new people can be exciting, but one usually likes to stay where they are, where they know how things work, especially as you get older.  Now imagine if you had no choice but to leave everything behind because war, famine, or persecution had hit your country.  In this modern age, we forget that many of the generation of our grandparents have experienced this.

Abraham had to move, not knowing where he was supposed to go, just to trust God and move forward. Some of us need to take that step of faith and not fear the unknown, but rather trust God when He is calling us out to use us for His glory. It might not be a physical move for you, but a move from a mindset or tradition. A move from a circle of friends or from a ministry. It can also require a change of studies or career change. You will not know until you ask God and by faith take a step.

You will only receive more from God when you have been a good steward of what He has already given you. Being stagnant and not growing is an early sign of decay and death.


Not taking risks or exercising your faith will lead you to a monotonous and depressing life.




  • Heavenly Father, You are with me as a mighty awesome one. Lord, You came down for me against the mighty.  Lord, You have delivered me from all fears.
  • We thank You that your plans for us are always of good and not of evil.
  • Help us today to seek Your plans for our lives and to stop going around the same mountain. We ask for Your direction for the next step in our spiritual walk with Jesus.
  • We reject right now the spirit of fear of the unknown and decide firmly to enter Your rest.
  • We want to be like Abraham and take the step of faith, trusting that You have prepared an inheritance for us to receive and enjoy.
  • Show us how to be good stewards with our current money, time, talents, and resources in order to receive more and more from You.
  • Father, we declare that we will hear these words from You… “Well done my good and faithful servant”.
  • We ask in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen

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