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In Need of His Help


(Psalms 121)“I lift up my eyes toward the mountains—from where will my help come? My help is from the LORD, maker of heaven and earth.  He will never let your foot slip, nor will your guardian become drowsy. Look! The one who is guarding Israel never sleeps and does not take naps.” 

“The LORD is your guardian; the LORD is your shade at your right side.  The sun will not ravage you by day, nor the moon by night.  The LORD will guard you from all evil, preserving your life. The LORD will guard your goings and comings, from this time on and forever.”



I am so glad that God does not get tired or takes a break from being God.  Imagine if He did that and there was no one to limit all the devil, you or I wanted to do.  He does not get tired of our failures or upset with our constant rejecting Him.  All He wants is for us to admit that we need Him and ask Him for help.

Some religions teach us that God made the world, and now He just sits back and watches us make our destiny.  That He never interferes with our life decisions or stops any of the negative consequences due to our selfish evil desires.  If this was true, there would be no point in prayer or worship, as God is completely out of the picture. 

This is totally contrary to the teachings in the Bible.  Throughout the Bible, we learn how man over and over again chooses evil over good and God has to intervene to save the innocent.  That is why we look to the hills from where our help comes.  He is the one that will guard us against all evil if we call upon Him instead of man. 

He is constantly watching over us every time we leave our homes and come back.  Do you make it a point to pray before you leave your home for any reason?  Or do you thank the Lord for keeping you safe when you return back home?  These are things that we take for granted. 

My wife and I make it a point to always pray when we get into the car to go anywhere.  We ask Jesus for his protection, for favor with everyone we will meet, and we thank Him for the angels that have been diploid to watch over us because we fear God.



Let us make a change today by first of all admitting that we need His help and second, by thanking Him for constantly watching over us.




• Father, thank You for being the God we can depend on. You never fail, You never sleep nor slumber, and You are the maker of heaven and earth.
• We declare by Your word that You will not allow our feet to slip anymore.
• You will be our shade and our guardian preserving us from all evil and keeping us alive.
• We ask that You continue to guard our going out and our coming in, and thank You for having kept us safe from harm all this time.
• We want to become completely dependent on You and thus live every day being grateful.
• We declare that You are the source of all things for us, You are our help in time of need and You are our comfort in times of sorrow.
• Thank You that through the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross we have access to You once more and sin no longer separates us from You.

• We ask in Jesus’s Mighty Name. Amen

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