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Love Your Parents


(1 Samuel 20:18) “Jonathan told him, ‘Tomorrow is the New Moon, and you will be missed because your seat is empty.’”

(Proverbs 23:22) “Listen to the one who fathered you, and don’t despise your mother in her old age.”

(Psalms 68:5) “A father to orphans and an advocate for widows is God in his holy dwelling place.”



Only when we lose our parents do we truly realize how vital they were in our lives. Shure, we say we love them and respect them while they are alive, but we truly realize how much more we could have loved them once they are gone. There is a strange feeling of loss of identity, lack of protection, and peace when we lose our parents, especially a father.

Suddenly, you are completely responsible for all your important decisions, and you now have the responsibility to carry the family name without stain or blemish. Of course, this sense of loss is only felt by those that had loving fathers who fulfilled their responsibility.

We don’t seem to realize that one day they might suddenly be gone, and then it will be too late to let them know that we appreciate them. If you are a parent right now, you probably understand more than ever all the sacrifices needed to raise a child and to make sure he/she has the right moral convictions, tools, and character needed to succeed in the current world. Fortunately, our Heavenly Father cares for the fatherless and promises to fill that void in our lives.

I lost my father in my mid 30’s to cancer. He was diagnosed one day, and two weeks later, he was gone. It was a shock for the whole family, as he was a patriarch and the only male child amongst many sisters. He was a pioneer in business and brought many of our family members from India to Europe and helped them get settled.

Due to constantly being under heavy medication at the hospital, there were no proper goodbyes, no asking for forgiveness for the selfish attitude we had, no last words of guidance to our life ahead…etc. I truly regret not having spent more time with him, listened to his wisdom, told him how much I loved and admired him, and of course done some things differently to make him proud of me. But what I regret the most is that I was not able to share the Gospel of salvation through Christ with him properly before he passed away.

Three years later my mom fell sick as well with cancer and passed away only after three weeks at the hospital. This time, I made sure I sat with her and told her that she was important to us and that we loved her. And I made sure to share salvation through Christ with her before her passing away. In her weakness, she did give me signs that she started to trust in Jesus. Making sure I expressed my love to her and sharing the Gospel before it was too late, gave me a completely different experience of her death compared to my father’s.



Don’t lose any chance today to show love to your friends, family, and loved ones, and the best way you can show you truly care about them is to share the love of Christ on the Cross.




• Heavenly Father, Your angel encamps all around those who fear You and He delivers them. Lord, You have given me the heritage of those who fear Your name.
• Thank you, Lord, for being a Father to the fatherless and an advocate for widows.
• Thank You that most of us have had loving and caring parents with good morals and a sense of responsibility.
• Forgive us for not appreciating the years of sacrifice that our elders have given up for us.
• Give us today the boldness to open up and express our appreciation towards our elders, caretakers, teachers, and leaders.
• Help us, Lord, share the love of Christ with those that matter to us before it is too late.
• We ask that no one will feel abandoned or rejected and that they will know you as their Loving Father.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty name. Amen

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  1. Deepa Daryanani
    31 May 2023 @ 18:10

    Amen Amen ! 👍😊🙏


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