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Nights Don’t Last Forever


(Job 11:16-19) “You’ll forget your suffering; you’ll remember it like water that has evaporated. Your life will be brighter than noonday. Even its darkness will be like dawn. You’ll be secure, because there is hope; you’ll see that you’re at rest and safe. When you sleep, there’ll be nothing to fear; and many will court your favor.”

(Psalms 30:5) “For his wrath is only momentary; yet his favor is for a lifetime. Weeping may lodge for the night, but shouts of joy will come in the morning.”




No matter what you are going through or the pain you have suffered in the past, with Jesus there is hope for the future. God promises those that follow His ways that He will bring us joy in the morning. God’s love has the amazing power of teaching us how to first of all experience His love and forgiveness and in return be able to love and forgive others. He starts this miracle the moment we surrender our pain to Him and accept Jesus into our hearts.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets that chance to experience this unconditional love and continues to search to ease their pain in the pleasures of the world. They go from toxic relationships to toxic relationships, soft drugs to more problematic addictions, one social group to another one, one TV series to the next popular one…etc.

But that pain still continues to haunt them when they are completely alone with their thoughts, their memories, and their regrets. Christ has the power to heal all our inner wounds, just give Him a chance to prove it to you.

Many walk around hiding behind a mask, acting as if nothing bothers them in life, and even hurting and bullying others. But when the night falls and they are sitting alone on their bed, they are just as human and vulnerable as you and I. Even if your pain is because you have willingly sinned against God, don’t lose hope as His promise is that His wrath is only for a moment, but we have a new beginning with Him every morning.

(“Can the pain of the past ever be forgotten? Yes! You can take the misery out of the memory – like you’d pull the stinger out of an insect bite – then healing will begin immediately. Go ahead, stand in the river of God’s love and let go of your misery. Let it all go. It was night, but now it’s day! The only safe place is to be in the arms of God. It’s there that you can allow the past to fall from you like a garment. You may remember it, but you don’t have to wear it anymore.” – Bob Gass)



Let the peace and the anointing of God heal the scars, break the chains that bind you, and set you totally free. Claim it today, for it’s yours




• O Lord, You are exalted as head over all, God who is highly exalted, Great, and mighty in power.
• We thank You for Your love and healing available to us.
• Thank You that you can completely take away the pain from our past and show us a bright future.
• We surrender our painful past at the feet of Jesus. We ask You to forgive those that have wronged us and allow us to move forward with all that You have planned for us.
• We declare that we will forget our suffering. Our life will be brighter than noonday. Even its darkness will be like the dawn. We will be secure because there is hope; we will see that we are at rest and safe. When we sleep there will be nothing to fear, and many will court our favor.
• We claim right now by the blood of Jesus the healing of our emotions and thoughts.
• From this day forth, we shall no longer show any sorrow, but the joy that comes from Your mighty throne of grace.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty name. Amen

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