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Others Blessed Because of You


(Genesis 30:27) “Then Laban responded, ‘If I’ve found favor in your sight, please stay with me, because I’ve learned through divination that the LORD has blessed me because of you.’”

(Philippians 1:7) “as it is righteous for me to think this of you all because you have me in your heart, both in my bonds and in the defense and confirmation of the gospel, you are all sharers of the grace with me.”


Did you know that if you have received Christ into your heart and are walking in the fear of the Lord, the angels of God walk constantly around you? Even if you are the only Christian around, your family is safe and favored by God because of you. The same goes for the circle of friends you have, colleagues at work, the company you work for, and any public transport you chose to ride in. Does it mean that you and those around you are bulletproof? No, not necessarily, but God’s grace and anointing within you are extended toward those you are in contact with.

You are a blessing to anyone you are in contact with, praying for, or related to. They might not see it, but this is a fact that you need to assume and thus understand how valuable you are. On the contrary, you are also benefited from anyone you serve or support financially who is in ministry. Their calling, their prayer life, and their anointing are also extended toward you. That is why it is advisable to have a spiritual covering under a pastor or a ministry in order to safely grow in our walk with Christ.

You are not just another human being walking the streets. You are a child of God, chosen by God, empowered by Him, protected by Him, representing the name of Jesus, saved from the attacks of Satan, guided by the Holy Spirit, and washed clean from your past.

When Satan looks at you, he sees the army of angels God has sent around you. When God looks at you, He does not see your sins or your mistakes, He only sees His son, Jesus.

Apostle Paul, who had been supported financially by the Philippian Church, clearly states that they were partakers of the grace he had received from Jesus. Laban confessed that he knew that he had god’s favor because of his son-in-law, Jacob. We understand by this that we need to both get closer and serve those that serve God in order to become partakers of their grace and anointing.

Those who have taken you and your extension of grace upon their lives for granted will only appreciate what you brought to their lives once you have moved on to the next group of people God wants to bless through you.


Are you walking in your true identity with the anointing God has put in you, or are you still walking scared, without purpose, and thinking that no one is blessed by your existence?




• Father, You are a Man of war, Mighty in battle and Mighty in strength.
• Thank You Father that You have given us a new identity in Christ.
• Thank You that we are surrounded by your angels because we fear You.
• Forgive us for not understanding the value of being close to men and women of God.
• Forgive us for chasing people in the world for their fame and money and charisma instead of leading people to the feet of Jesus.
• Help us today to find and follow spiritual leaders that are filled with the Holy Spirit and represent the name of Jesus.
• Teach us how to take authority in every area of our lives because of the anointing we carry.
• We declare that our family members, friends, and coworkers will have their lives drastically changed because of the power of Jesus within us.

• We ask in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen

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