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Paying the Price


(Philippians 3:7) “But whatever things were assets to me, these I now consider a loss for the sake of the Messiah.”

(Matthew 8:34) “Then the whole city went out to meet Jesus, and as soon as they saw him, they begged him to leave their region.”

(Luke 14:23) “Then the master told the servant, ‘Go out into the streets and the lanes and make the people come in, so that my house may be full.”



How much of what you think is important in your life are you willing to surrender to God? Have you ever told God “I surrender all, except for this or that?” We want all the benefits of having God on our side, but we are not willing to live the righteous life He wants us to live. This is common in our Christian walk as our value system is still limited on what we can have, on what we know, and on what we can plan for the future.

But God’s value system is completely opposite. It is based on what He provides for us, on what He knows, and on what He has planned for us. Only by completely giving all of ourselves over to God will we be able to experience the fullness of God in our lives. If we are set in our own mindset, traditions and limited by what we can understand, we will lose out on the supernatural things God wants to do through us.

Jesus was asked to leave a village where He had just healed a demon-possessed man by casting out the demons into a herd of pigs that then ran and drowned in the river. They were indirectly saying, “Give us the miracle and take care of our problems, but we will not change our ways or pay the price to receive salvation.”

We have prayed for many Hindu and Catholic families that have received deliverance from demons, prospered in business, been set free from witchcraft and fatal sickness, and experienced a supernatural turnaround in their lives. But after receiving the miracles they have refused to give up their idols, gurus, and family traditions based on religion. They have basically rejected Christ without knowing that they have settled for less and will continue to be bound in chains. 

If you are a part of this devotional today, means you have been invited to God’s Kingdom. What are you going to do about it? He is still reaching out to many so that once the doors are shut, His house will be full.

You have to die to all you have ever known, desired, or expected from life as you know it. Paul states it so clearly by saying that he considers all things as “dung” compared to the knowledge of Christ.



• Heavenly Father, You have brought me out of the miry clay. You have lifted me out of the horrible pit. You who lift me up from the gates of death.
• Father, Thank you for your Word today that shows us where we have fallen short of your grace and love. We truly desire to serve you with all our lives.
• Forgive us for holding back on some things or people we have not been able to surrender to you. We ask for Your help to allow us to do that today.
• We ask you to intervene in our lives and take away anything that we have made an idol onto us, or that we have held on to fearing to lose it.
• We reject any doubt in our hearts that you desire the best for us.
• Let us not be like those that limit what You want to do in our lives, or like those that try to instruct You on how to do things.
• We completely surrender and accept Your will for us. Thank You for not giving up on us.

• We ask You in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen

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